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A simplified JSON version of my CV / resume is availble on GitHub.

A rendered layout of basic CV / resume is also available on Linkedin.

For a detailed version of my CV / resume information, please contact me directly.

Professional Recommendations

“Jay is a wealth of information on an incredible diversity of topics, and the more technical or conceptual a topic gets, the more Jay is in his element. He understands both the underpinnings of how things work and the business dynamics that push some technologies ahead.” — Founder and CEO, VC Backed Startup

“In today’s world of information workers you need bright people who get on with others and encourage everyone to be better by leading by example, giving others the drive to strive to shine in their own unique way: Jay does that to me and others I’ve met.” — Industry Peer

“Jay’s advice and assistance to the CEO and to me, as CFO of the Company, has been invaluable. He has proven himself a valuable and credible sounding board on many issues before the Company, of both a technical and strategic nature.” — Chief Financial Officer, Service Provider

“Jay has the mighty combination of business acumen and deep technical expertise. If a great technical consultant is a hired gun, then Jay is an aresenal.” — Operations Executive, Telelcommunications Company

“I found Jay to possess the unique ability to develop a strategic agenda for helping our organization grow as well as the technical acumen to implement a tactical plan around that strategy.” — Vice President of Strategic Planning, Service Provider

“When you’re looking for the definition of tech-savvy in the dictionary- Jay’s name should come up. Whatever the latest technology trend - Jay’s on it. You can’t stump Jay.” — Founder and CEO, Marketing Company

“Jay has tactical experience to back up his recommendations, just not pie in the sky stuff.” - Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Service Provider

“Over many years Jay has consistently provided sound advice and strategy. His technology briefings and presentations are concise and information-dense but also intelligible and lively. Listen to him.” — Published Author

“I cultivated great respect for Jay’s skills as an unbiased technologist who is grounded in practical business reality. Jay has provided valuable guidance that I have immediately been able to incorporate into our business with great success.” - Founder and CEO, VC Backed Startup

“Jay is a technology professional with deep understanding not just of the technology but also the longer term implications and applications.” - Founder and CEO, Service Provider

“Above all, Jay is honest and trustworthy.” — Founder and CEO, Service Provider

“Jay’s technical knowledge is unparalleled, but what makes Jay truly valuable is his breadth of knowledge across multiple fields and his ability to translate this knowledge into practical solutions.” - Operations Executive, Service Provider

“Results oriented and always five minutes ahead of the curve, Jay seems to always know what is next and how to get there. Jay is on the ball with the news of the day and the trends of the industry.” - Senior Sales Engineer, Service Provider

“Jay is one of the strongest and most resourceful leaders I’ve had the pleasure to work with.” - Senior Vice President of Engineering, B2B Enterprise Software Company

“I worked with Jay on assessing the technical capabilities of potential portfolio companies. He demonstrated a unique ability to not only master the complexity of the technologies but also to assess and describe them in plain English to our shareholders.” - General Partner, VC Fund

Professional References

References available upon request.

For a detailed version of my CV / resume information, please contact me directly.