Jay Cuthrell

Photo Credit: Jay Cuthrell

Jay Cuthrell

Discussion Leader Themes

  • Any sufficiently advanced product is indistinguishable from marketing
  • Listen to futurists and historians before ignoring both
  • The perfect team is one to do it, one to write it down, and one to think ahead
  • Balancing innovation, governance, and computational possibilities
  • And more… just give me a few days to prepare

Discussion Leader Bio

Jay Cuthrell is Chief of Staff to the SVP Engineering, Converged at Dell EMC. An innovative and sought after energetic industry leader, Jay leverages his extensive experiences as a CTO, VP, and GM in high growth ICT companies as well as global infrastructure consulting roles for Fortune 500 clients to be a trusted advisor on strategic technology.

Jay’s expertise demonstrated through strong growth and change cycles provides a unique perspective into the future of the technology industry. His previous engagements include providing a key role as a consultant through cuthrell.com, where he worked closely with service providers, startup companies, and investment groups. Jay is a published industry author in ReadWrite, Telecompetitor, and NTCA Roundtable as well as a frequent corporate blogger.

Jay holds a BS in Materials Science and Engineering from North Carolina State University and grew up in Beaufort, North Carolina. His personal blog can be found at jaycuthrell.com.


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