Contact Jay Cuthrell

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Contact Jay Cuthrell

Below are a few ways to contact me. I’ve included links to tools and details on finding my internet personas. I’ll update as my preferred methods evolve in order of preference. That said, if you have a preference after we establish initial communication I can also create a virtual machine such as Tails or Heads or even Whonix.

Keybase Chat

Why the preference? Answer: TOFU


I also use PGP.

$ curl | gpg --import

# or...

$ keybase pgp pull jaycuthrell

My PGP key:

My email address for personal:

My email address for work:


  • I also use Signal.
  • Search for +1-415-763-8343.


  • I also use Wire.
  • Search for @jaycuthrell.


  • I also use Telegram.
  • Search for @jaycuthrell.


  • I also use Confide.
  • Search for

Charitable Options

I also use basic smartphone features and globally popular apps.

  • iMessage
    • I also use iMessage.
    • Search for
  • WhatsApp
    • I also use WhatsApp.
    • Search for +1-415-763-8343.
  • Snapchat
    • I also use Snapchat.
    • Search for jaycuthrell.
  • Telephone and SMS
    • Call or text +1-415-763-8343.
    • Establish a second channel from the list above.
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