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Fudge Sunday - Private Podcasting and Max Headroom

Fudge Sunday
This week we take a look at the circuitous routes that podcasts have taken over the past 20 years. Along the way, we weave in references to tropes trove of Max Headroom. From origins to fits and starts to the claiming of legitimately enduring formats, podcasts are here to stay and probably just getting started even if the new world will be millions of Blank Reg devotees.

Origin and Inspiration
Podcasts, like many technologies, scratched an itch of sorts. Internet friendly content formats, increasing availability of broadband, and the notions of publishing syndication made the trafficking of (then) larger files possible.
Essentially, podcasts took the limited telephony access answering machines culture to a global delivery mechanism. Anyone can be their own radio station or their own publishing house with the invention of podcasting.
1983 - They Might Be Giants Dial-A-Song
6 min read

Fudge Sunday - Thinking Outside the Cardboard Box

Fudge Sunday
Now that China has said “no thank you” to scrap recycling imports, there is a good chance the familiar cardboard recycling bin will take on greater significance as the piles… continue to make a bigger pile. This week, let’s take a look at the humble cardboard box.

Humble Origins
Over the past 200 years there have been cardboard boxes big and small. The advent of global shipping and ever quickening supply chain technologies have only served to increase awareness of the cardboard box.
1817 - Cardboard is born
2 min read

Fudge Sunday - Internet of Things (Have Changed)

Fudge Sunday
The past few days have been confusing and frustrating for home automation enthusiasts that made investments in Nest products. How did we get here?This week we take a look at Nest.

Turn off the lights when you leave...
If you are subscribed to this newsletter there is a good chance you have owned or still own Nest products. The smart home has been inspired by cartoons and 80s era commercials. The smart home has been enshrined in the ubiquitous X10 web page banner advertisements of the late DotCom era.
1965 - Intelligent Power Switch in Cartoons
4 min read

Fudge Sunday - Las Vegas Edition

Fudge Sunday
This week I made the pilgrimage to Las Vegas for Dell Technologies World and had the chance to take a lot of car services but none were via the sixteen (16) registered taxicab companies serving Las Vegas. Let’s take a look at ride-sharing in the city of sin and what is likely to be the future of getting around in just a few years.

The trend is lots and lots of red...
Trending Down
No matter what metric, the trends are all heading down for traditional taxi services in the Las Vegas area. From from the signage to the size of loading areas it was clear this week that transportation network companies (TNCs) were disrupting taxis at every turn.
2019 - Ride-share use rising. Taxi usage plummets
2 min read

Fudge Sunday - Tomorrow You Probably Saw This Already

Fudge Sunday
In this issue, we take a look at the future, past, and the creative combinations of both marked by technology and popular media. We’ll look at the relics that persist and the promises yet to be realized. Along the way, the potential for unintended parachronism grows larger with each passing year.
p.s. Thanks to the folks behind Vecteezy Editor for the new logo!

To set the stage, we will examine necessity, humanity, movies, gaming, and music. We start with a look at our (sometimes) forgotten past and how the future is portrayed as eternal, shiny, and chrome.
2013 - Parachronism, Possibility, and Penny-Farthing Futurism
7 min read

Fudge Sunday - Reflections on a Dot-Com Legacy

Fudge Sunday
Just over 20 years ago I met with investment groups that later turned into a new direction in my career. While the .com days were a mixed bag, some of the companies rolled up into other companies which continued to roll up into other companies. If anything, I’ve learned a lot about the long and sometimes winding path of nested mergers.

The Right Angle Turn
Nortel Buys Bay Networks (1998)
5 min read

Fudge Sunday - Roll Your Own

Fudge Sunday
When I started collecting links this week I had no idea how I would arrive at a conclusion. Thank goodness for the tech news cycle and, specifically, Techmeme. I’m already questioning my use of a newsletter service for reasons I hope to make clear below. Let’s get started.

Go Your Own Way
I don’t doubt a Fleetwood Mac reference is slightly dated at just over 40 years ago. Still, one thing I have noticed in my regular reading is a renewed interest in repatriation of content from centralized social platform juggernauts to more self-hosted options.
March of 2008 is where interest piqued but has it peaked?
So what happened in March 2018? Simple. Social media finally saw the culmination of unflattering coverage by both tech press and traditional media followed by a genuine reflection by a sizable number of users asking if there were alternatives. In fact, if you look back at tech press coverage on Techmeme from March 2018 you are immediately reminded of the zeitgeist that mashed up technology, politics, and economics.
2018 - Techmeme Facebook coverage March 2018
5 min read

Fudge Sunday - Life at 34,000 Feet

Fudge Sunday
My travel has picked up in 2019. On a recent flight I discovered the captive portal experiences for the latest generation of in-flight broadband has come a long way. Below are links to help frame the peaks and valleys of connected experiences going back to the 1980s.

The year was 1982...
There’s an AP article from 1982 I was able to dig up when researching what was once known as AirFone. The marketing promise was there but the next few years would see mixed results followed by a steady decline in use.
Human Nets Digests, Volume 5 (1982)
3 min read

Fudge Sunday - A Decade of GitHub

Fudge Sunday
I’ve been using GitHub for ~10 years. Over time I used GitHub more socially than for source code publishing. As my use increased so did my bookmarking via the “stars” function. Let’s see what I kept after my most recent Spring purge of GitHub stars…

JayCuthrell GitHub Stars
7 min read

Fudge Sunday - Road Warrior Redux

Fudge Sunday
If you follow my annual blog updates you already know I’ve been off the road for just over a year. As with any decrease in travel frequency there are opportunities to learn and plan for an eventual increase. This week I’ll explore some of the things I’ve learned over the past +20 years of being in regular motion around the globe.

My office at the peak of my North American travel... the AMEX Lounge in LAS
Membership Had Its Privileges
One of the early benefits of carrying around specific brands of credit cards in your wallet is airport lounge access. The idea was that for loyalty (and paying a yearly fee) there was a perk to allow subsidized access to the airport lounge of the carrier printed on the card or even a few different lounges (as with American Express).
If you follow travel blogs or travel rewards forums then you also know that the math to keep up with changes in programs, perks, and entitlements is fast becoming 400 level math.
Personally, I’ve carried around AMEX cards and Delta specific cards. However, there are fewer reasons to carry and more caveats than before as wider pools of participation occur through the wonders of corporate expense policy seeking to provide great perks year over year. Even my beloved American Express Centurion Lounge in Las Vegas was not immune to the spoils of its own success.
The 1st Wave: 1999-2006
From 1999 to 2002 there was a lot of travel I signed up for as a global .com era consultant dealing with software and systems engineering or what was then called infrastructure engineering. Sometimes I would have down time and blog but most of it was pithy and ubiquitous connectivity like broadband was still just become a reality around the globe. Dial-up was pretty common unless you were in an office, had two channels of ISDN at home or the first of the xDSL or maybe even pre-DOCSIS cable internet services at home.
Tel Aviv Traceroute ( 2000 )
9 min read

Fudge Sunday - Mic Check 1, 2, 3

Fudge Sunday
Just over 30 years ago I was enamored with the playing and recording of live music. Life back then involved analog recording rigs, tapes, heavy sound mixers, clunky snakes, speakers, monitors, amps, mics, and the investment of time to get it all right.
This week I learned a little more about what has changed in the past 20 years.

Look out for the Snakes
Running the snake was an occasional problem when the venue wasn’t purpose built for live music. For example, you are setting up in an open field and want to know the sound is great so you run the snake back to a console facing the stage. People want to dance when music is playing. Dancing is harder when when there are rugs, trenches, or other attempts to hide a gnarly cable from sight.
Intro to Mixer and Basic live sound setup Pt. 6.1: Stage Snake
4 min read

Fudge Sunday - Quantum Leap Years

Fudge Sunday
The topic of quantum computing has steadily moved towards the realm of popular science. As with many other topics within popular science, wider audiences will have varying degrees of awareness and depth – but recognition is certainly on the rise.

Let's get the TV reference out of the way...
While I never got into the TV show, Quantum Leap is still one of the first things that come to mind when I hear quantum computing mentioned. That is until the Bond series displaced it. My first exposure to the topic came from early fascination with high(er) temperature 123 (YBa2Cu3O7) superconductive materials and getting to work as a lab grunt with postdocs that built SQUIDs.
1989 - Quantum Leap Episode: Genesis - September 13, 1956
5 min read

Fudge Sunday - What Happens in Augmented Reality Stays in Augmented Reality

Fudge Sunday
This past week seemed to follow an augmented reality theme in the regular places I read. Techmeme, A16Z podcast, and even Hacker News provided multiple references to augmented reality, virtual reality, 5G ubiquity, and the widening adoption of gaming technologies.

During recent trips on Lyft, the driver and passenger (me) conversations trended to technology discussions. I like to ask drivers if they are full time or part time with Lyft, Uber, or any other TNCs. One common theme was the prediction of when self-driving cars would be viable in any markets beyond denser and constantly mapped markets.
My anecdotes were on ideally selected AZ to NV route shipping trucks that have been developed for decreased reliance upon high cost (i.e. experienced) drivers in favor of 4G/LTE connected call center hosted drivers, aggressively funded learning models, and monitoring driver experiences.
My other anecdotal example was the controlled testing done in Las Vegas with Lyft.
Self-Driving - Lyft - Passengers
5 min read

Fudge Sunday - Issue #1

Fudge Sunday
I’m rebooting this newsletter for 2019. If you forgot you were on this list, there is probably a GDPR way to get off the list. Enjoy the first (13?) installment of Fudge Sunday.

via (circa 1996?)
Newsletters and podcasts galore
Since attempting a newsletter years ago, I’ve decided to try again.
My last attempt turned in a dozen entries and I attempted to convert them (badly) into blog posts. But, they were not blog posts.
Lately I’m listening to a smaller number of podcasts but the one podcast that has been consistent is a16z.
a16z | Free Listening on SoundCloud
4 min read

Fudge Sunday

It was late December 2016. I had toyed with the idea of starting a newsletter. After a short run, I stopped. Things had changed.

1 min read
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Converged Thoughts: Issue 12

Fudge Sunday
Sometimes you see patterns. I see a few with regard to some of the software players that are often considered part of a past era in IT. Let’s take a look at Oracle and see where convergence will take us.

From my 2009 Ignight Raleigh Presentation: The Redneck's Guide to Silicon Valley
Git Er Done
The Oracle Parking Garage The Oracle Parking Garage
6 min read

Converged Thoughts: Issue 11

Fudge Sunday
I just learned that Revnue will let you share items from ProductHunt. Unfortunately, few things I use are actually use are on ProductHunt. Also, I’ll dredge up a tweet from my old Twitter handle circa 2013. It’s all about convergence. Let’s get started…

Living the dream... circa 2013
Sending Out an SOS
4 years ago at SxSW there was a moment when things just seemed to fit together and “just work”. I was fully mobile. I was able to publish. I had just finished a great meal. I was being transported on reclaimed grease from a fried seafood joint.
The convergence of shell account access over mobile broadband network to publish a flat file format that would be rendered by another service into a “pretty” website was really quite a feat. It seemed like magic.
Let’s look at the piece parts that came together. I’ll take time to explore why each part matters. However, the real magic will be when all of these parts converge in the future of a single experience.
5 min read

Converged Thoughts: Issue 10

Fudge Sunday
Sometimes I read published research from Google. Admittedly, it’s often (usually?) way over my head. Sometimes I’ll find a familiar area and learn a bit more about an area that I have brushed up against in my past.

Literally standing on the shoulders of giants (of research)
Simulation is Good for the Sole
When I went to college in the early 1990s it was for materials science and engineering. Back in those days, you could buy tennis shoes that would last longer than the fashion statements they made.
One area of materials science and engineering is the study of polymeric systems. Plastic? Yep. But there’s more to polymers than just plastic. You contain polymers, such as, DNA.
I remember grad students that studied polymers. Everyone on campus had access to DECstations (and uhm… QBATCH) , Mac SE’s, and sometimes Windows 3.1 towers that would have IEEE or other cards to interface with LabView and the like. Some of those grad students even used computers as part of their research for the purposes of simulation. 
One common approach to computational physics is the Monte Carlo method. Back in those days, what you would think of as high performance computing (HPC) was probably a trip up the road to see the Cray… unless you had a SLIP account… but I digress.
GNU Shoes
Simulation tools have come a long way since the mid 1990s. In fact, there are even open source options when it comes to getting your feet wet or committed to hard edged research.
5 min read

Converged Thoughts: Issue 8

Fudge Sunday
This will be my first SxSW as a resident of Austin, Texas. I’m looking forward to it. Part of the build up to SxSW is making sense of an absolute wall of content in the form of Interactive speaker abstracts, Interactive panel abstracts, and of course… the musical acts. Below are a few of my selections so far.

A Plethora of Panels
To be clear, not all SxSW panelists dress this way. At least not for the first day.
To give you an idea of the amount of content that SxSW pulls together, consider this: 
There are over 1000 speakers, panels, sessions, and presentations in just a few DAYS. 
Yes. SxSW is absolutely MASSIVE.
Here are just a few Interactive events that caught my eye:
As you can probably tell by reading about a few of these panels, there is an element of convergence that runs through them. That’s why I like going to SxSW. 
You aren’t getting a vendor specific pitch. Instead you are getting a mix of inputs from a variety of sources.
Do some companies dominate and use PR firms to get their panels accepted and promoted into the lineup? Sure.
Do attendees have to listen? Nope. That’s the best part. You get to vote with your feet! See also: The Geek Whisperers podcast Episode 27
Episode 27 – The Balkanization of Tech Conferences and the Long Tail of SWAG | The Geek Whisperers
3 min read

Converged Thoughts: Issue 7

Fudge Sunday
Thanks for reading. At this rate, I’ll be creating these nightly for publication in the early morning. 

Looking Back & Looking Ahead
Cleaned my desk area and found this relic of 2010... my how time flies!
I’ve maintained a website of some form or anther for more than 20 years. My blogging (when that term was coined) has been sporadic depending on what I was doing career wise at the time. 
As the Web developed, so did the distractions of namespace on properties I did not control. Sometimes it just seemed easier to make it another platform’s problem to manage. Thankfully, I never had an animated glitter background on MySpace. *whew!*
Still, even as I tap this update into Revue I’m reminded of how many years I’ve been making updates as an annual event. For example, I’ve provided updates on my roles with the company that is now a part of Dell EMC.
My Sixth Year at VCE and My Sixth Week at Dell EMC
6 min read
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Converged Thoughts: Issue 5

Fudge Sunday
Two digests in one day? Well… I’m still new to Revue and missed my edits on the last digest. Thanks for sticking around and Happy New Year!

2007: Life in the "Foist" Lane (continued)
As I was saying… the way we consume music is changing due to convergence BUT I left a VERY important device! As we entered 2007, there was a steady rise of embedded computing that has slowly taken away the qwerty keyboards that are visually associated with computers. One example that got a lot of attention a decade ago was the humble but ill fated Chumby! A chumby could stream all your favorite Internet music streaming stations.
The time of the internet connected computing capable appliance had arrived. Thanks Chumby!
Chumby - Wikipedia
6 min read

Converged Thoughts: Issue 4

Fudge Sunday
Happy New Year! Are we done celebrating? Cool. Let’s get started…
As a warning, this update is probably entering long form essay mode due to the nostalgia of what has happened along the rough timeline I’ve constructed. Otherwise – Enjoy!
Side note: If you are enjoying these updates please share them with your peers on Twitter, Linkedin or whatever your preferred microblogging platform of choice might be. Thanks!

20 Years In Streaming Music
"listening to old sk00l dave pearce"
5 min read

Converged Thoughts: Issue 3

Fudge Sunday
For this update, I explore one item shared earlier on Twitter.
Side note: One of the quirks of Revue is that the links for a tweet don’t appear as I was expecting them to. That’s disappointing but perhaps that’s why others using Revue connect so many other services other than Twitter. So, I’m missing some of the richer embedding features. Thanks for sticking around while I work out the bugs and features.

4... 3... 2... 1
Peter Schilling - Major Tom - YouTube
2 min read

Converged Thoughts: Issue 2

Fudge Sunday
Thanks for sticking around! My second installment is a bit longer but I plan to settle on a word count soon enough.

"Set phasers to 11." -- Star Trek: Spinal Tap Edition
The New Console and the Art of IT
Jay Cuthrell 🤓💡🚀☁ on Twitter: "Great quote on new IT paradigms: "This is not a world of wizards and clicky clicky anymore." -- @jtroyer"
4 min read

Converged Thoughts: Issue 1

Fudge Sunday
Welcome to the first issue of my digest.
I know… an email newsletter on the eve of the year 2017. Bold! :wink:
Since 2007, I have shared content or links to content on micro blogging platforms such as Twitter. Since the barrier to publish on Twitter is low, I’ve been told by peers that Twitter can be hard to keep up with at times. 
Also, while I have a personal blog, my blog is updated infrequently and it doesn’t show up in your inbox because I’ve resisted adding services like FeedBurner and the like. So, this will be a newsletter and the format will be that of a digest.
My goal for the digest is simple. I will go back to the items I share over the course of a day or week and provide more context on why those items are of interest.
The format for this issue and future issues will be as follows:
  • My original pithy tweet and link to content described
  • A few more notes on why this content is of interest
Let’s begin…

Here's to taking the red pill in 2017...
Notifications Zero and Notifications Bankruptcy
Inbox Zero - YouTube
3 min read

My Sixth Year at VCE and My Sixth Week at Dell EMC

Six years! Six weeks! That’s right. I’ve been at VCE for six years as of this update and that means I’ve been at Dell EMC for six weeks. To understand the nuance of VCE it is important to think about the history of VCE and just how far we have come… and where we are going as Dell EMC.

6 min read

Have Your AI Call My AI

For as long as I’ve been a professional worker, I’ve wondered why it is so hard to get a group of individuals to agree to times and durations for meetings. Then again, there is a case to be made for avoiding meetings if at all possible.

3 min read
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A Quick VCE Update

I’m still blogging internally and less externally. This post is a good reminder that taking a moment to reflect is always a good thing. Let’s get to it shall we?

4 min read
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What Is Interesting?

The year 2014 is coming to a close. To reflect that sentiment this post has been typed up using Then this post was saved to a GitHub repository and rendered by GitHub Pages automatically.

3 min read

ESTEEM = STEM + Ethics + Empathy

You can’t go very far on Internet or modern media before the term STEM is mentioned or extolled as a target to reach. STEM is the backronym associated with educational pursuits in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

4 min read
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A Timely Question

Sometimes the inspiration from a post comes from a question. This is a question I recently received from someone that is in the IT industry. Specifically, the question revolved around where IT is heading and what are the skills and training that are advisable to anticipate where IT is heading.

3 min read

Unstoppable March of Convergence

It’s that time again. Since 2008, South by Southwest (SxSW) has been one of my annual professional pilgrimages. SxSW is where anyone in the infrastructure business should be to expand their understanding of what application developers and creative thinkers can do when infrastructure shifts one of four ways:

As I have done since 2010, I am once again looking forward to SxSW 2013 and what I will bring back to discuss with the team here at VCE. I’ve previously spoken at SxSW on topics ranging from changing attitudes to email to collaboration stacks to realtime network intercept concepts.

8 min read

SxSW 2013 Preview

It’s that time again. SxSW is my annual pilgrimage or it has been since 2008. (I cut and pasted that.)

3 min read
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SF Thoughts So Far

“We are a mole on the back of the beast.” — me in an email sent 15 years ago when pondering a move to the West coast

4 min read

Road Warrior Thoughts

VCE is all about riding the rocket while constructing and reworking that same rocket in real time. – VCE 101

5 min read

My Second Year at VCE

You are witnessing the transformation of an entire industry. _ Pay attention. It will be faster than you think._ – VCE Deal Desk Mission Control Room

7 min read

Three Paths

I get a few recurring questions from time to time. :wink: When I look back in my sent folder or listen to some of my WebEx recordings I find myself answering these same questions with some degree of expansion on the theme and quite often a refinement on wording.

5 min read

Thoughts on OpenStack

This post might make some analysts’ heads explode and perhaps too in the land of the tech blogosphere but here goes…

4 min read

Thinking About Innovation

As of this post I’m almost halfway through my speaking series and workshops on the topic of innovation for NTCA companies. I’m speaking to board members, GMs, key personnel, and the occasional vendor along the way.

2 min read

Road Report Redux

[digs VCE office in RTP. This is exciting for a host of reasons but the growth of VCE is remarkable. When I look back on the series of posts I’ve put up here there has been a consistent trend of riding the rocket ever higher as an organization.

5 min read

Road Report

Life moves pretty fast when you are traveling for work. I’ve come back from each trip to learn that the VCE RTP office is growing by leaps and bounds.

1 min read

VCE: 2012 Update

After providing over a dozen regular VCE updates every 30 days (or so… oops!) I’ve noted the difficulty of pointing to materials or opining on materials without breaking embargoes or stealing thunder going into major VCE and/or VCE parent company announcements.

3 min read
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Enhancement and Innovation

We’re in the stone age right now — but we can’t stop trying to reach the bronze age while dreaming of the iron age.

8 min read

My First 330 Days

“Our goal is to become an internal service provider” – VMworld visitor to the VCE booth

5 min read

On Metrics

[Ah, metrics. Everyone loves a horse race. Of course, in a horse race it is not as if the horses are allowed to take a hyperspace jump to various points in the track outside of the assumed finite length of a race track. Enter the dilemma of any so-called “marketing intelligence” service selling you a stopwatch to determine who wins the race.

2 min read

King of the Apps

Last month saw the insanity that is Interop as well as EMC World. Both events were in Las Vegas. For me this was a week of back to back customer meetings and catching up with my peers. How many times did I hear cloud? A few. Was there beer involved? I don’t recall. Maybe?

3 min read
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My First 60 Days

[Time flies when you are having fun… and freezing cold. In the past 60 days since I’ve joined VCE there has been cold weather in Boston, Montana, RTP, etc… but all of my trips were tempered with warm receptions and the high energy of VCE team members, VCE parent team members, vSpecialists Team 04 [1], VCE Partners, and of course VCE customers!

8 min read

My First 30 Days

[there have been lots of emails, tweets, phone calls, IMs, and related reaching out to ask me one thing:

3 min read

Stay tuned

I’ll be making a blog post and announcement here on Monday, October 18, 2010 at 11am Eastern. Cryptic? You bet. Exciting? Absolutely. Kittens? Well, uhm… no but that would totally awesome too.

~1 min read

It’s Still Complicated

My experiment back on May 10, 2010 appears to have finally worked.  I deleted my Facebook account.  The Earth somehow still manages to rotate.  I know you were worried too.

1 min read

Face Time

[Today I happened to work with several clients that are not local to me. While we’ve met previously and periodic visits occur, it’s not as simple to grab a coffee or take a meeting in person. Instead, we opt for Skype and even Google Wave.

2 min read

FreshBooks SPF Records

A growing number of companies are using FreshBooks as an alternative to desktop and client/server oriented billing systems. The FreshBooks service sends email invoices and other communications on behalf of the company to the company’s clients by making use of an email address and corresponding domain name for the company.

~1 min read

Blackberry SPF Records

If you use Blackberry Internet Service and have seen delivery issues related to SPF records when using your own domain name or company domain name you should consider the following suggestions:

Firewall and connection requirements for the BlackBerry Internet Service

Easy SPF Wizard

Example: ` $ host -t txt text “v=spf1 ~all” `

~1 min read

On Data Centers

[The first data center I walked into was at my first IT oriented job. I was a co-op at IBM. The data center was a huge and sprawling collection of clunky AIX machines. It was a suprisingly noisy experience with token ring beaconing, whirring drives, and raised floors spewing recycled stale air. Surely I’d not go back to a place like that…

1 min read

Design Impact

[. The topic of my talk was “Design Impact: Broadband, Mobility, and the Cloud”.

~1 min read

Expiration Dates

[. I’ve followed his writing since his days at VentureBeat and now at TechCrunch.

1 min read

Mayor vs Payor: Location-Based Services

I’m still thinking that checking in is still too much work. It’s the same if not greater friction of the earlier iterations of the “simple” Twitter update. You know, Twitter, the application used by every single mobile phone on the planet. Oh wait.

2 min read

10 years of LiveJournal

[This month I reached my 10th year as a LiveJournal user. I’ve posted 5,601 LiveJournal entries during that time. I’ve received 8,839 comments. I’ve made 11,053 comments.

1 min read

Familiar Refrains

[It might be my 38th birthday coming up or it might be that the echo chamber is playing back moments from my past. Lately, I seem to have a knack for seeing the same patterns emerge when industry luminaries speak.

2 min read

Get off of my cloud

[Note: This is a draft of a longer article I’ll be publishing in an industry journal.

12 min read

StartupRiot 2010, Chaos, and Coffee

[. It was a blast. 50 startup companies were pitching hard and heavy on the Fox stage. The weather outside the Fox was bone chilling but everyone inside was warm, fully amped on piping hot coffee, and flying high from the sugar rush of gourmet style donuts.

3 min read
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straight pool

Let’s not mince words: Cisco sells routers. Cisco sells a great many IP things but you’ve probably heard: Cisco sells routers. While Cisco has a massive portfolio of solutions and an M&A; trail that would make any MBA blush, the Starent deal is straight pool.

2 min read

Back to my consulting roots

After being a CTO since 2002 with NeoNova and Digitel the time has come to return to my consulting roots. I’ve had a great run as a technology leader with great people, great companies, and I’ve seen the beauty of rural America.

~1 min read
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Balkanize, Rinse, Repeat ad infinitum

After listening to a podcast rant on the topic of the blog / web / Internet with terms like signal, noise, and other histrionics typically reserved for the stage I felt that familiar urge to capture some quick thoughts.

8 min read
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Google has AOL envy

AOL’s BYOB uses a tunnel/vpn approach. I wonder where Google could have ever gotten the idea… but the effect is clear:

2 min read

Export restrictions

I’ve got a Mac. I have a metric ton of contacts (+10k). One might expect this makes for an elegant and natural fit since there is Address Book for the Mac.

4 min read

Internet access

I was listening to TSOT on NPR this morning. This was made possible due to my new early to bed and early to rise experiment. The subject was related to productivity and Internet access in the workplace. There was a lot of anecdotal evidence and people called in to say why they felt the Internet was good or bad for productivity. The real issue, in my mind, is management techniques.

3 min read

Cat Diapers

I was trying to figure out where cat poop goes. Yes, this is my life.

2 min read
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Who am I kidding

I’d like to see a skit on SNL about the “Who Am I Kidding” calling plan from Verizon.

3 min read
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And for my next trick

From: Jay Cuthrell
To: All Scient Global
Sent: 7/8/02 7:46 PM
Subject: And for my next trick. (farewell everyone)
2 min read
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Here It Comes

From the US Airways mailing lists for frequent flyers (emphasis mine):

2 min read
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Tel Aviv Traceroute

Greetings from Tel Aviv. My body says it is noon. Everyone else here says it is 7 hours later.

2 min read
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