VMworld 2010

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VMworld 2010 ( 2010 )

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This is where I’ll be putting my notes from VMworld 2010 and related Silicon Valley adventures.  The basic schedule I’ll try to follow is below.  Primarily, I’m here for business but I will have some geek style fun along the way too.  A big highlight will be interacting with the startups at VMworld this year.  More notes will appear below as I am able to capture and refine my thoughts. :)  Also, if you got to this page you probably have my card.  Let’s stay in touch!

In the meantime, I’m organizing my references to cloud computing, virtualization, data centers, data mining, applications, and technology trends for service providers and the enterprise:

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Also, I’ve started writing an installment for ReadWriteWeb called ReadWriteHack and these are my most recent posts:

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    • Partner emphasis vs. Solo

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Day 1 - Monday, August 30


Partner Growth

Transitioning to ESXi, Architecture for Next Generation vSphere

Partner Meetings

Client Meetings

Welcome Reception - booths that stood out

  • rPath (solid demo)

  • BLADE (good story)

  • Pancetera (good story)

  • BlueStripe (good story)


Day 2 - Tuesday, August 31

Scaling Data Center Fabrics with Secure Cloud Services

Public Cloud Computing Gets Real: Announcing New Enterprise-Class Service that Delivers on the Promise of Cloud Computing

Time for a break…



I’M ON A BOAT - zozi Sailing Showdown with 500Startups and Startup2Startup: Sailing, Tacos, and Beer Tasting




Client Meetings

Splunk with Twilio for API Open Mic

Client Meetings


Day 3 - Wednesday, September 1

Highlights: During the interview with Heineken, metrics shared around improvements in efficiency, performance, and management of data center operations will not lower the price of beer – but shareholders will likely have more beer money as a result.  Yet, during the discussions around performance oriented business analytics the panel was not able to answer that specific question.  So, again we see that there may not be a flattening in all areas of business IT.


The use of Compellent was an obvious portion of the discussions but it was difficult to pin down a correlation that was direct. There were the obvious references to “hero” reports but the impact was in terms of storage purchasing and effective use (green pickup by powering down).

With VMware it is possible to have the IT customers enabled to clone, create, and test quickly vs. going through the previous (traditional) processes associated with responding to such a requirement.  The maturity of specific tiers of storage buckets was highlighted in that high performance (SSD) tiers are for HPC applications and then there is “other” that moves to SATA.

Through a line of questions it was determined that the arrival at differing allocation of storage was discovered through analysis of server load – NOT through any automatic or so-called proactive feedback loop (PFL).  The leading question was to draw out a “do you want something that decides for you” but it appears that scenario might not have translated.

(took a break for this company called Apple doing something)

Building a Secure Private Cloud Today

Virtualization Transitions: The Journey to Enterprise Cloud Computing

How Cisco, EMC and VMware Are Changing the IT Landscape with Vblock Converged Infrastructure

The Last Mile: Virtualizing Business-Critical Applications

Client Meetings

TBD = crashed hard for the night for early AM calls

Day 4 - Thursday, September 2

Client Meetings

Regency Ballroom for Intuit’s Innovation Gallery Walk

(talking to my cats on Skype)

Kicklabs for TWITTER NATION: Fireside Chat featuring Evan Williams, CEO of Twitter



Day 5 - Friday, September 3

Client Meetings


A little light reading from NetApp (TR-3749)


Solutions Exchange Notes:

  • AppDynamics - best demo of the show IMHO (ex-Splunk/Wily types that know their stacks COLD)

  • Box.net

  • Cloud.com

  • Connectria Hosting

  • Mezeo Software


  • Netreo

  • Pancetera - this is one to watch especially if you have a heavy agent loading in your environments already

  • Sychron

  • UShareSoft

  • Viridity Software

  • Virtual Bridges

  • Whip Tail Tech

  • Zetta