VCE: 2012 Update

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VCE: 2012 Update ( 2012 )

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After providing over a dozen regular VCE updates every 30 days (or so… oops!) I’ve noted the difficulty of pointing to materials or opining on materials without breaking embargoes or stealing thunder going into major VCE and/or VCE parent company announcements.

But hey… that’s cool. This place is awesome. I’ll just blog about other stuff or I’ll just keep tweeting and posting YouTube videos ;-)

Looking Back. Looking Forward.

When I joined VCE in 2010, for a brief moment in time, I had met or interacted with just about everyone in the company by early 2011. That was easy when you had a few hundred folks more or less located in a few places, regular WebEx/TelePresence cadences, and a goal to grow like mad. Good times!

Of course, today we are a much larger group of folks and span the entire globe. I’m not new to hyper growth but still… what a ride. When I would tell folks about this little startup company called VCE they would ask who the investors were and if we were growing. I’d mention Cisco, EMC, VMware, and Intel and that we were growing.

(This is usually when they just stare at me and say) ”Startup, eh? Sounds like an already running!”

Now, one of the common questions I get is “Who are you hiring and where are you hiring?”

My response is also common: “People that want to ride the rocket! Everywhere!

Selfishly, I want everyone to find their inner Unicorn Jockey but presently the listings are being filled and/or created faster than the import processes published online. For example, if you’ve ever looked around for VCE on Linkedin in the jobs section you’ll notice that many of the listings are “red hot” now. What do I mean?

A recent VCE jobs posting in Research Triangle Park, NC on Linkedin looks like this:


Again, that’s just one example though. So, let’s take a look at who we are looking for and where we are looking.

Generally speaking, the following roles come up often when I think of the team and where we are growing:

  • Software Engineers

  • Implementation Architects

  • Client Solutions Directors

  • Customer Advocates

  • Account Managers

  • vArchitects

For example, in the Americas you’ll see roles where we have our larger offices

  • Dallas (HQ)

  • Boston

  • Research Triangle Park, NC

  • Santa Clara

  • London

  • Cork

As you might expect, VCE is also growing teams globally so there are listings at various locations around the world

  • Singapore

  • Bangalore

  • Sydney

  • Tokyo

  • Sao Paulo

  • Phoenix

  • San Francisco

  • Washington DC

  • New York

  • Los Angeles

  • Hamburg

  • Munich

  • Frankfurt

  • Stockholm

  • Paris

  • Switzerland


Here’s a snippet similar to my last post over at Hacker News on the topic:

VCE is always looking for developers with a passion for accelerating the adoption of converged infrastructure that is simple, effective, and always available. We have developers shipping stuff that is already making huge impact in datacenters around the world and we are growing those teams aggressively. The keyword soup is spec docs, object models, class diagrams, state flows, Subversion, Jenkins, Agile/Scrum, ESB, Hadoop, Pig, Puppet, Chef, Java, C, C++, Perl, Python, RESTful, XML, GWT, iPhone, iPad, etc… etc… So, if you want to get an inside leg or if you have any questions drop me a note and your CV at Subject: HN (if you get an OOO response don’t worry I’ll reply)