Two Weeks Without Public Social Media

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

Two Weeks Without Public Social Media ( 2012 )

#include <disclaimer.h>

Hello 2012. Let’s rip the cover off this one!

Today begins my two week experiment of life without public social media.

Say what!??

No Twitter. No Foursquare. No Google Plus. No Instagram. No Path. No Linkedin. No Tumblr. No Flipboard. No Flickr. No YouTube. No TinyReview. No LiveJournal. No Diaspora. No… you get the picture.

(I’m not leaving Facebook out… I just don’t use it.)

Okay. Now what?

Instead of using public social media resources, I’ll be focused on 100% behind the corporate firewall(s), CIDR restricted, Shib/PL/RSA/etc. protected and otherwise Enterprise only class forms of private and hybrid social media.

What I’ve noticed now that I get to interact daily with a decidedly non-public facing non-publically consumable stream of raw sensitive information is this:

Tightly aligned, low friction, reasonably secured sharing is key.

Requiring a dozen or more places to consume/share/interact is tantamount to making busy people just move on without you.

What does private and hybrid social media look like?

(and some other VCE specific fun stuff that I cannot link to for what are hopefully obvious reasons…)

Tune in again after January 14th, 2012 and I’ll share my findings.