Thinking About Innovation

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

Thinking About Innovation ( 2012 )

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As of this post I’m almost halfway through my speaking series and workshops on the topic of innovation for NTCA companies. I’m speaking to board members, GMs, key personnel, and the occasional vendor along the way.

Just a few weeks ago I fortunate to present in Rio at the CIO Latin America Summit 2012. The topic at that CIO event was innovation and I presented using SlideRocket which is now my go to deck creation service of choice.

The CIO event was a timely trip and I was able to work through what I was exposed to in Rio as I’ve traveled to NTCA events San Antonio and Hilton Head. Each time my opening remarks and the topics I address have been refined both in terms of my keynote presentation for NTCA companies as well as the workshops afterwards.

A few questions I’m addressing at my talks are simpler ones:

  • What does it take to get in a state of mind where innovation flows?
  • How does one make innovation a systematic embedded process in the organization?

A few questions I’m hoping I address are more complex ones:

  • Where is the puck going to be? (i.e. the future of telecom)
  • What does it mean to be a service provider of relevance?

Of course, when you are thinking about the future it can be daunting or exhilarating depending on your approach to the process. I’ve tried to stay high level and avoid the pitfalls of a purely technical talk and referencing the latest whiz bang gadget on the horizon. Also, the time afforded on stage could easily put a large group to sleep so I’ve attempted to mix up the format and flow into chunks of roughly 15-20 minutes per theme.

In fact, much of the material I pulled together for IP Possibilities 2010 and subsequent talks in 2010 are still pertinent and holding up well with age. For example, my decks relating to private cloud are still tracking nicely with the market moves. I’m also aware of my active roles before and after these decks were created.

In my talks at NTCA events this year I’ve opted for SlideRocket instead of SlideShare since it’s a great platform for the kind of series specific materials and regional updates I’ve been making. For all of my talks I’ve been making reference to some YouTube videos that I’ve found to be enjoyable on the topic of innovation. Some of them are short. Others go well beyond the threshold of 20 minutes.

Here are a few that I’ve made reference to: