SxSW 2013 Preview

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

SxSW 2013 Preview ( 2013 )

#include <disclaimer.h>

It’s that time again. SxSW is my annual pilgrimage or it has been since 2008. (I cut and pasted that.)

This year will be the first one where I’m not expecting to see a lot of folks that I normally would and probably the first one where I’m clean shaven. Yeah. I’ll miss my SxSW regular pals and my signature goatee. That’s right. Bland mode.

Looking back

As I am tapping out this update into vi I am happy to say that my private repo on Github is working out great with my Octopress and tiny VM. Last year this time I was updating into a web browser, dealing with updating WordPress beta code, etc… This time around my world looks like this:

git add .; git commit -m 'yo dawg i heard you liked flat files'; git push origin master; rake generate

Looking forward

As I said, I’ll be clean shaven this time around. If you are looking for me just find the bald guy wearing the big VCE logo on the front and this on the back:

This will also be the first time at SxSW where I will not be checking into my beloved geoloco app of the moment. I plan to draw new inspiration this year and focus on Enterprise.

Oh. Did you nod off to sleep?

That’s right. I am going to be attending everything that has an Enterprise or an aligned to Enterprise theme.


It’s time. A lot has changed since 2010 and my past few years have been about putting a shoulder into changing how companies can consume IT. Delivering a new unit of IT was the first step. Allowing companies to realize ubiquitous workload substrate was the second step. Now it is time for the next step.

Looking up

A few days ago I was knee deep in VMware Partner Exchange aka VMware PEX. The big takeaway?

To say that there was buzz about VCE during VMware PEX does not accurately depict the vibe. It was electric. It was magic.

VCE is here to unleash simplicity. VCE Partners are going to make that possible. VCE Customers are going to reap the benefits of this evolution.

Looking at why

Having thousands of folks eager to learn more about your company is a good thing.

It was a huge week for VCE.


I know that my writing here since joining VCE has been on the month to month schedule and that is in part because of the nature of what I am exposed to daily. It is a treat when I can share it. It is also important to share at the right time and in context.

VCE has a plan. VCE Partners are instrumental to the plan. VCE Customers benefit from this plan.

Just take a look at these YouTube videos and it is easy to see why.

Executives want simplicity. Period.

Vblock is a reference architecture killer. Period.

John Chambers, Joe Tucci and Pat Gelsinger are on board. Period.

The future of IT requires a break through. Period.

VCE Vision Intelligent Operations Software is the future. Period.

SAP HANA is about when not if. Period.

Vblock System 200 transforms mid-sized data centers. Period.

Vblock System 100 transforms distributed IT operations. Period.

VCE is committed. VCE Partners are excited. VCE Customers are delighted.