SxSW 2011 Cometh

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

SxSW 2011 Cometh ( 2010 )

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I’m looking forward to SxSW 2011 already.  SxSW 2011 would be my fourth year in a row.

Each year there is a mad rush to submit to the SxSW Panelpicker application process.  This year I’ve been asked by several others to be part of their own panels – and all of them are amazing concepts.  I’m extremely flattered that I was asked to participate.  We’re all using Google Wave to pull these together since the deadline is July 9, 2010.

In addition to the panels I’ve been invited to, I’m proposing my own solo talk this year.


TitleLawful Intercept: I saw what you did

Description: Social network privacy concerns? Step back and consider this: Lawful Intercept (LI) is how all network users are able to be monitored and analyzed in real-time.  While many are concerned with privacy on a popular website, LI empowers an elected or appointed authority to know our digital comings and goings around the clock. This presentation will highlight the latest in LI technology, LI challenges , and how each of us can shape future of how LI is perceived and used.

Level: Advanced

Audience: Individuals that value Internet neutrality and privacy should attend to understand how LI approaches may affect them.  Creators of social services that offer a social contract should understand how their own technical choices can offset LI concerns and give power back to the user on the network. Those that operate networks should attend to understand the implications of LI in an increasingly hyper-connected world.

Questions Answered:

  1. Why should you care about Lawful Intercept (LI) if LI is a tool for the good guys?

  2. How does LI fundamentally alter your social contracts back and the architects of the social web?

  3. Who is behind LI that you should take to task today and in the future?

  4. Where can you get involved in watching the watchers involved in LI?

  5. What can you do about LI after you walk out of this session?


Jay Cuthrell is a strategic technology consultant to telecom service providers, startups, and investment groups. He held CTO, VP, and GM roles at Digitel and NeoNova (Azure Capital and Bridgescale Partners) and worked both domestically and internationally. He has an engineering degree from NCSU and grew up in Beaufort, NC.