SxSW 2010 Preview

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

SxSW 2010 Preview ( 2010 )

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I am especially grateful to be part of an amazing panel headed up by Jared Goralnick of AwayFind and SET Consulting.

The way the panel came together is a testament to what SxSW is all about. People connected with technology. Beer will be added later. :)

The panel itself is aptly named as well…

“Wave and Communication’s (R)evolution: Better Than Being There?”

Also on the panel are Daniel Raffel from Yahoo! and Casey Whitelaw from Google. We’ve yet to meet in person but as the panel topic indicates this group came together in self referential style.

[. This meeting was part of a light preview for SxSW 2010 for North Carolina based attendees and speakers.

After a few rounds of local microbrew (anyone remember what we were drinking? link?) the SxSW speakers presented short decks/pitches describing their talks, panels, and core conversations for SxSW 2010. We also got an amazing demo from that I hope to review in a future post.


Here is my pitch to the folks attending and it includes a little bit about how the Jared Goralnick panel came to be.

(Update: This comment on an unrelated post elsewhere concerning “came to be” made me smile)

SxSw Preview For Triangle Social Media Club

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