SxSW 2010 Happened

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

SxSW 2010 Happened ( 2010 )

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[. This amalgam served me well.

So who did I end up catching live and on the silver screen? More on that later below…

First, I’d like to say something to AT&T considering their complete failure last year for SxSW 2009:


[Good job AT&T *

Why the * ? Well, I was able to actually use my iPhone this year. Crazy right? Yes. The only issues I had were obviously backhaul related during times where even with prior planning – the provisioning lacked capacity to accept that many people at one time.

So, I had full signal for the majority of my stay in the densely packed downtown areas of Austin for SxSW 2010. While that didn’t mean I was always able to use the network it did mean that my battery life was greatly improved. I was able to top off at 6pm and have it last until 2am most nights. Kudos on the signal.

I am guessing that asking around greater Austin would bring the same mixed results as last year though since this was an engineered event experience. So, AT&T…. please bring your “A game” to the rest of your “map” and everything will be alright.

BTW, it was nice seeing Luke Wilson driving around the CoWs.

Okay on to the music and film selections…

The following are from my Foursquare notes from ~200 Twitter updates during SxSW. Oddly enough, my only real use of geolocation “games” during SxSW involved notes of being somewhere for a band. I was able to catch +35 bands and +5 films. As they say… if you can’t say something nice… well… the ones listed made the cut. This is ordered from last to first

Legend: anything listed is worth catching and anything in bold is worth catching again and again. I’ll come back with complete hyperlinks later but I’d suggest Google query of the artist name and sxsw 2010.



And Everything Is Going Fine - Spalding Gray sliced and diced in a tribute to mixed media and self reflection over a long career of pieces, interviews, and conversations by Steven Soderbergh

Life 2.0 - Second Life impact with special guest appearances of Club Penguin by Jason Spingarn-Koff




Grady - ZZ Top meets Black Sabbath – and I saved the best for last


Minipop - sugar sick pop

Maren Parusel - earwig generating hooks machine

Transfer - a nice cup of San Diego to help the medicine go down

John Dear Mowing Club - tortured folksy country artist from the Netherlands that fed me tasty BBQ brisket

Bear in Heaven - just enough cowbell

[The Rescues - takes over rooms and makes you love them

Mads Langer - the Olive cover is worth the price of admission

The Dollyrots - 100% pure rock star

Carolina Chocolate Drops - the real deal folks

Lights - clever and pounding

Noush Skaugen - the most playful performance of SxSW


Citizen Cope - great melodies

Chip Taylor - could read a soup can ingredients list and make it danceable

Andy Clockwise - by far the best smelling concert at SxSW… girl guy ratio of audience was easily 80:20


Jennie Alpert - one of the bigger voices I caught this year

Heavenly States - fun pop with a much harder edge on stage as compared to preview tracks

Arms - Todd Goldstein keeps it real with a new edition for 2010

Amaral - makes me wish I could understand other languages

Frightened Rabbit - phenomenal songsmiths

Male Bonding - loud, loud, loud, loud, oh… louder

Japanther - performance art with a punch of punk pop

The Middle East - haunting melodies and refined musicians make for a memorable performance

**Bison BC ** - thunder on demand… they blew a frikkin head on stage – how cool is that????

[Here We Go Magic - breathy and light

George Lynch - was a serious treat seeing him throw down

Ruby Isle - I will never think of Guns N’ Roses the same way again

MC Frontalot - consummate showman and my first big music event to kickoff the convergence of Interactive and Music… and the whole thing was being Filmed.