Sincerest Form of Flattery

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

Sincerest Form of Flattery ( 2012 )

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Long days. Long nights. Long flights.

It’s been a while since my last update. To say I’ve been busy within the Office of the CTO at VCE is a bit of an understatement. Busy having a blast.

Lately, I’m checking out how more often occurrences of VCE and Vblock appear in headlines or as a reference somewhere within tech blog posts on the blogosphere. It’s interesting to see what was below the radar begin to show up a bit more now.

Granted, some of the things I search for are niche or less intuitive but it’s fun to see what comes up in research. I was searching with a new service launched by the folks behind called realtime that gives me a peek into even lesser shared articles out there that wouldn’t be found otherwise.


Side by side testing of realtime against even Google was impressive since it let’s you mask a search to, say, Linkedin, Facebook, or Twitter, etc… in a word? Brilliant!

What’s more interesting is just how completely off some of the more obscure references are that show up in my queries. Having been with VCE since 2010 I’ve come to the conclusion you can’t make this stuff up.

Comedy gravy. For example, an IBM oriented blog that earlier this month indicated… well… here:

Thus far, you might be thinking that the PureFlex System is the only platform for running SAP. ITG addresses that too. Other vendors are out there. Oracle and HP have some solutions that have not gained much traction in this area. The VCE consortium has attacked the SAP environment more aggressively, however, the ITG illustrates significant advantages in the PureFlex Systems including breadth of support and system integration. Probably even more important is that with VCE, you are dealing with three companies in the consortium. Who owns the vision and long term strategy? When you are investing in an enterprise level solution you want the confidence that your single solution provider owns the future of the product. Not even Rome could be ruled with three emperors!

Traction?  Three companies? Consortium?  Three emperors?

[ looks in closet to see if toga is on a hanger ]

A few points that come to mind…

  1. The author is clearly confused.

  2. The author is projecting regarding The Emperor’s New Clothes.

  3. VCE is a company with investors that include Cisco, EMC, VMware, and Intel.

  4. VCE and Vblock™ Systems are doing incredible things with SAP for customers.

  5. See last point.

In fact, VCE produced a video detailing benefits to SAP customers that use Vblock Systems. So let’s try using that simple instructional video to bring a bit of clarity regarding how VCE and Vblock™ Systems are doing incredible things with SAP for customers.

Speaking of YouTube videos… When it comes to companies like HP, IBM, etc… let’s just say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.