Road Report Redux

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

Road Report Redux ( 2012 )

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[digs VCE office in RTP. This is exciting for a host of reasons but the growth of VCE is remarkable. When I look back on the series of posts I’ve put up here there has been a consistent trend of riding the rocket ever higher as an organization.

It’s more than just a bigger office or more offices. It’s the whole vibe.

One of the concerns in any startup is the notion of culture and how that culture is shaped. You grow. You add to the mix of people, new customers, new directions, and new technology shifting with the hope of forging a culture that sustains and provides for innovation.

Sometimes if you are lucky you get to see this first hand. I think I’m pretty lucky.

I’m coming up on my two year mark with VCE. The folks that have been here longer than me have a perspective that I get to hear about from time to time. The new folks that just arrived are perspectives I get to hear about more and more as we grow. Seeing VCE through the eyes of those that came before me and those that have a front row seat to the future of VCE is hard to put into words but I think I can summarize it as a vision of hope and a runway that extends far enough to launch whatever we can dream up and dare to deliver.

Related to that… I’ve also taken on a new role within VCE. Again, as is customary, my title and role changes and I rotate to learn more and be humbled by the folks around me on a regular cadence. This time I’m happy to announce I’ve been added to the Office of the CTO at VCE. Yes, that’s right. I’m (back) on Team Trey.

[that talk a bit more about the VCE perspective on a variety of topics. I’ll still be putting up my personal experiences at semi-random update intervals but my focus will be to publish early and often about all things VCE.

My experience in cutting off all public social media at the beginning of the year has crystallized how I’ll approach this new element of my work day.


For example, as I am tapping out this post I’m at Cisco Live US 2012 in San Diego meeting with customers, Cisco teams, and VCE folks that I’ve only known from emails, instant messages, WebEx sessions, and TelePresence. The announcements from Cisco and the VCE story during this Cisco event have been exciting to say the least. We even managed to pull off a massive tweetup with teams from EMC and Cisco this week.

I’m looking forward to deeper dive posts about how VCE is approaching and utilizing Cisco technologies like OTV along with EMC VPLEX and what it means for VCE partners and customers. Additionally, contrasting the paths to the right solution at the right time ranging from component Build Your Own to VSPEX to Vblock. In fact, I was able to do a video segment with Shashi Kiran from Cisco and Parmeet Chaddha from EMC this week on just that topic.

Where else have I been?

As I indicated in my last post a month ago, I was happy to get a chance to visit Brazil once again. This time I headed down to Rio for the CIO Latin America Summit to present on the topic of the VCE view on where the datacenter and our industry in general is headed. It’s not often you get to present in front of dozens of CIO’s so I was humbled to have the opportunity to do so. Also, being able to catch a sunrise in Rio is always a rare treat.


Right before Rio I had back to back visits to Las Vegas for Interop and EMC World for customer meetings. If you follow me on Instagram, Path, or Flickr you’ll see some of my image captures in my travels. I’ve been experimenting again with Tumblr for things like putting specific videos that I “add to Favorites” on YouTube, or photos posted to Flickr passed through a simple task to shove them into Tumblr as a video post. My Twitter updates that contain a URL are pulled into Delicious using as well. Flickr images are pulled in from Foursquare (via Path) or Instagram using, again you guessed it, so it’s a good way to keep up with where I’ve been and what I’ve captured along the way.


I also managed to fit in a few trips to the West coast to the coast of NC.  After Cisco Live wraps this week I’m also looking forward to Omaha VMUG, customer visits far and wide, any my speaking series through the remainder of the year. I’ll continue the use of Plancasts, TripIt, and the embeds on the sidebar here to give anyone ample time to keep up with me and where I’m headed. Let’s connect!