On Data Centers

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

On Data Centers ( 2010 )

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[The first data center I walked into was at my first IT oriented job. I was a co-op at IBM. The data center was a huge and sprawling collection of clunky AIX machines. It was a suprisingly noisy experience with token ring beaconing, whirring drives, and raised floors spewing recycled stale air. Surely I’d not go back to a place like that…

Many many many data centers later, I still love the familiar vestiges of the early service provider environments. I’ve come to appreciate the relative still of telecom oriented data centers.

Still noisy? Yeah, kinda… but that’s where ear protection comes in handy. Especially when things you don’t often see are put into use… [
What has really changed is the ability to fit more into less and do more with less. A few modern data center racks can deliver more computing resources than the entire floor of my first data center.

With that in mind… I’m linking over to my latest Telecompetitor article… Financial Weather Report: Increasing Clouds

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