My First 90 Days

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My First 90 Days ( 2011 )

#include <disclaimer.h>

[Hey, it’s cool. I understand. For everyone else, I’ll pick a comment at random and send you my Google TV from the Google I/O 2010 developer program. Of course, I’d hope you would consider donating this to the local charity/cause/GTUG of your choosing but hey… free is free, right? _

Just let me know in your comment if that is of interest to you and be sure to include your Twitter handle so that we can DM logistics. And now… the actual content you likely came here for in the first place…

That Guy in VCE Q&A Time

Even more great questions keep coming to my inbox about VCE and Vblock. Here are just a few I’ve answered since my last update that came in from you curious, gentle, and thoughtful readers (reprinted with permission and significant edits).

What can you share with me about VCE since your last post? Are you going to post more than once every 30 days?

[Anytime. Anywhere. Everywhere. Those words describe what I have come to understand about the demand for what we are doing within VCE.

This past week and month marks milestones for VCE and me personally.

  • The VCE brand and new website was formally launched!
  • I reached my 90 day mark at VCE!

I plan to increase my post frequency in 2011. I’m not clear how much long form there will be but the 30 day updates will probably be the longer entries.

My goal is to bring emphasis on areas I am passionate about relating to Vblock and how it enables Service Providers to execute in an accelerated manner. I’m very much into collaboration technologies, software development practices, telecommunications transformation, and anything that will power the next great startup companies as they demand instantaneous infrastructure and platform services. For now, all I can say is stay tuned!

Hey, I just saw your Linkedin update! Have you been promoted already?!?!

Yes. Yes, I have. Clearly, someone has a great sense of humor. ;-)

My new title is quite the mouthful.  Here goes:

Manager, Service Provider Sales vArchitect Team for the Americas Double Barrel Polka Esplanade of Large Scale Artisanal Cheeses Production and Manufacturing

As you might imagine, I’m growing an already amazing team of vArchitects for Service Provider Sales. That means I’m looking for polished pre-sales consultants and pre-sales engineers that live, breathe, and convey virtualized infrastructure with service provider and / or media and entertainment experience. Also, it goes without saying that VCE as a whole is growing.

Where are you growing teams now?

[Presently, I’m focused on growing vArchitect teams in the following places:

  • Raleigh-Durham
  • Atlanta
  • Denver
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Silicon Valley
  • Mexico City
  • São Paulo
  • Rio

Of course, other teams are being grown around the world as well. This is just my list for this week. :-)

I’m still at [redacted] but I’ve got to admit I’m very curious about VCE now that I’ve read our competitive analysis. Vblock makes so much more sense than what we’ve been proposing to customers. Does my background at [redacted] count against me now? LOL! Are you drinking the kool aid or Bourbon now?

[are amazing. The journey is underway.

Don’t worry about your contrary positions at [redacted] and where you are now in [redacted]. For what it’s worth, there are several team members within VCE that had stints at [redacted]. Sometimes it just takes a while to see the bigger picture and then follow your passions.

This is about the evolution of the datacenters we’ve been working in and around for years. This is about realizing ubiquitous workload substrates.

Do you seriously want to keep customers going in the direction you are now at [redacted]?

Again, this is a journey. Ask yourself if you can look your customer in the eye and know you can bring them on this journey where you are now. I can assure you that at VCE we accelerate that journey.

Oh, as for kool-aid, I’m still more into Scotch but if you want a Bourbon recommendation I can ping an expert!

I’m interested in VCE! Are you a hiring manager?

Yes. If you or someone is interested in being part of the team at VCE please drop me a note to my email address with SUBJECT: Ride the Rocket and I’ll put it in front of our VCE recruiters ASAP on the fast track. [Also, absolutely feel free to pass this along elsewhere. If you have any questions just let me know.

Where do you get your information to stay current?

[I get that question a lot lately. I’ll spare you the kitten videos. Lately, what I’ve been reading or more directly, who I’ve been reading is folks with VCE.  Here are some suggestions in no particular ordering:

I’ll be adding to this list and be putting up a blogroll soon with OPML and instructions for creating your own RSS and buzzword heaven using my Google Reader API examples explained over at ReadWriteWeb a few months ago.

_What trade shows and conferences will you be attending or presenting at this year? _


I’ll be at many events for 2011. Trips since my last update include visits to Boston, New York, and Miami. One of the many benefits of being based in Research Triangle Park, NC is that in addition to the RDU airport being nearby I’m also very close to the VCE teams, Cisco campus, and EMC campus.

Knowing that VCE opportunities are truly worldwide prompted me to get my passport renewal expedited. I’ve also been updating my Plancast and TripIt to make sure the VCE curious can connect with me more easily. You can see these on the sidebar of my blog at

Now the only question is where and when will I see you? :-)