My First 300 Days

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

My First 300 Days ( 2011 )

#include <disclaimer.h>

If this was easy, you wouldn’t be here. – VCE 101

Hi. It’s been a while. 300 days in fact since I joined VCE. 180 days since my last update on all things VCE.

[Where to begin?!?

In the past 180 days I’ve….

  • completed my team growth / development goals

  • worked with service providers all over the world

  • working shoulder to shoulder with EMEA and APJ teams

  • awed and amazed by EMC vSpecialists, VMware, and Cisco teams

  • humbled by the passion of VCE Partners

  • added to my +38 cities and +132 days on the road

  • renewed my VISA for Brazil

  • did my first solo talk at SxSW 2010

  • helping kids create our new robot overlords

  • attended customer meetings at Interop as well as EMC World

  • judged cloud based startup companies on Rackspace Cloud

  • spent several weeks living in San Francisco and Silicon Valley

  • worked on stuff I cannot blog about ;-)

  • seen more stuff I cannot blog about ;-)

  • managed to somehow… shrink… my suit…

  • Or… perhaps I need to explore cardio options?

  • Yeah.

While the Vblock wins have been awesome and getting Vblock in more places is incredibly satisfying to see happening… the hours have really been demanding. Lately, I’ve been having a lot of Twitter updates such as Good Morning EMEA and Goodnight APJ. My TripIt tells a tale from the point of view of the quest for making Vblock dreams come true. I get around.

[New Title. Same Great Taste!

You might recall from my previous updates that I quickly went from vArchitect to Managing vArchitect and then added in media and entertainment to my service provider focus. It’s been a while. Yes. It is now time to change titles again.

My new title is Lead Principal vArchitect. I’m looking forward to this new role. Look for me at VMworld this month and stay tuned for updates. I cannot guarantee I won’t have a new title by then as well ;-)

I’m also appreciative of the PR and marketing efforts from VCE, VCE Parents, VCE Partners, and the Vblock ecosystem of ISVs and Alliances. We have come a very long way. We have much to do. If only there were 28 hours in a day.

[Haters Be Hatin’

One of the wonderful things about this converged infrastructure market is the complete adoring love between competitors and the histrionics free reporting and coverage in the tech press. Oh wait. I just woke up from my dream. ;-)

The snark is alive and well out there. Link bait? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Perhaps just a fundamental lack of getting it or electing not to get it as a matter of snark for the sake of snark. Articles you say? It’s out there if you want to find it. I’m not sending traffic there though.

But more importantly, you’ll also see the clear and thoughtful retorts that follow in the wake of that big ole Snark Boat as it winds down Old Man Snarky River.

[You… missed

The best part of seeing all this hatin’ out there? Knowing that the bile soaked mouths that bite at you are only catching the shadows.

Never. Stop. Moving. You cannot sit still. You cannot hesitate. You have to shift on the fly. Startup mode? I won’t invoke a pivot reference but any team in this space has to be as agile as the infrastructure you are creating.

But But But Jay! You can’t just change your title like that before the ink on your last set of business cards is dry. That’s insane! You are doing something different than what you did 30 days ago! Companies just cannot work that way! That’s crazy talk! Crazy!!!!!

I signed up for this. In fact, I chased after this, flagged down the rocket heading over the hill, and asked the person driving the rocket while working on the engine thrusters who I could talk to about changing the nose cone as the next orbital series approached.

This is the rocket. Try and keep up.

When I think of all the discussions around cloud lately and the inherent validation in the market for what VCE has been doing, I’m very proud of this team. This is hard stuff. And the best part is I get to help.

Challenges? Absolutely. Changes? Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Is this truly a competitive space? You bet. Enjoy the race.

[The Road Ahead

As always, there are things I want to shout from the roof in blog terms but – there is a proper time and place for that. ;-) I’m also already drafting up a “My First Year at VCE” post on Tuesday October 18, 2011. I’m planning to chart just how far things have come. It should be pretty slick and something a wider audience can appreciate.

Oh yes, time. The time I would normally spend on creating content here these past 180 days has been expended on internally communicating behind the scenes, lighter than normal Twitter, and a short flirtation with Google+. If you were following that you probably saw some timely ahem updates fly by.

[Obligatory Vblock pr0n

This 180 days of radio silence is ending. GA products are out and about and touching on things of interest don’t give away anything that is beyond the realms of embargo. So, there will be things to talk about soon enough.

My next update series will probably shift to “Friday Fudge” again if I can summarize my thoughts. Honestly, it’s pretty tough to discern what should be blogged about sometimes. I like posts that I can look back at a year from now and still see something that stands up well over time. Blogs tend to be thought of as time specific topical and weighted towards fast expiry. We shall see.

As always… Stay tuned and hand me that new nose cone prototype…