My First 30 Days

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

My First 30 Days ( 2010 )

#include <disclaimer.h>

[there have been lots of emails, tweets, phone calls, IMs, and related reaching out to ask me one thing:

**Duuuude! What’s it like?!?! **

It seems that many are wondering what the VCE / Acadia experience is like. Looking back on what seems like several months… Where to begin? How about: “Work hard. Play hard.” While short and sweet, this is a very accurate portrait of how the past 30 days have gone by in VCE / Acadia.

As the one month mark from my start day passes silently in the caffeine fueled night… I’ve come to realize that I am riding the rocket. In the immortal words of T. Callahan Jr. — Tommy Likey!

Some of the other questions I’ve gotten are a bit more pointed and direct.

**Dooouuuuuuuude, what are you working on??!?! **

Oddly enough, I’m working on many of the things I was before: service provider transformation, service catalog evolution, executive strategy, tactical execution. The difference? The power of three.

As for the clients and customers I am working with… watch my Twitter stream and when public announcements are made I’ll make the effort to send out links. In a nutshell, there are some amazing changes that will take place in the industry and I’ll be happy to share as I always have… including videos of cats on turtles.

[**DooOOOooouUUuuudE, just gimme some details!!! **

Okay. I know details matter.

I’ve been getting to know more of the vArchitects, onboarding, and traveling the friendly skies. While I expected this team to be awesome coming into VCE / Acadia I had no idea just how awesome a team until I was on the inside.

This is a team that knows how to grow and rapidly bring others into the mix very efficiently. If you’ve had any experience with startups you would be quite at home. The amount of information shared once I was on the team is still causing reverberations in my mind even as I type this entry a month later.

[I’ve also been training with a worldwide group of VCE / Acadia team members and team building. Again, the speed is what really sticks out in my mind. Highlights so far include seeing the vArchitect team grow and working with wicked smart folks in the VCE parent organizations.

In the past month since I’ve come on board I’m pretty sure I slept at least one night. Looking back I think that was after an offsite team builder consisting of football, Texas BBQ, beer, and big screen monitors the size of a building.

When I reviewed my inbox and sent folders, call logs, notebook, travel receipts, and stepped away from the screens for a moment it dawned on me. I’m having fun. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. This is about a singular focus on enabling ubiquitous workload substrates in data centers around the world. This is about an amazing team that shares the vision of a better way to make this a reality.

[**DooooooOOOOuUuuuuDE, what’s the team like!??!?! **

Passion. Adrenaline. Exuberance. Excellence. These are just a few of the words one could use to describe the team. Also, judging from my AMEX card… one could also add “thirsty” to that list of descriptions.

Now a full month in I’m happy to report the best is yet to come and…

**DoooooouUUUUuuuude, what’s coming next!?!?!??!?! **

Shhhhh. Stay tuned. ;-)