My First 120 Days

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

My First 120 Days ( 2011 )

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Striker, listen, and you listen close: flying a plane is no different than riding a bicycle, just a lot harder to put baseball cards in the spokes. – Rex Kramer

Rex Kramer and his words have been on my mind a lot lately since joining VCE just 120 days ago.  If you’ve been here for day 30, day 60, and day 90 posts you know this post is later than normal. Soooo much has happened and that familiar startup feeling is there – you wish there was another four 8 hours in a day!

What’s new since the last update? Lots of things!  I’d like to take a small departure from the previous Q&A format and talk a bit about where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to at VCE and along the way while riding the rocket!

Riding the rocket while the rocket is being built


Since my last update I’ve been traveling to meet with VCE Partners, representing VCE at trade shows, growing my vArchitect team, training, and spending lots of quality time with service providers. During my travel far and wide I’ve had a chance to visit with VCE Engineering as well as R&D teams at VCE offices and VCE Parent offices. I’ve also enjoyed stops in Orlando for VMware Partner Exchange 2011 as well as San Francisco for RSA Conference 2011. Somewhere in this whirlwind tour I also got to spend time with my vArchitect team at Geek Week in Atlanta.

Rolling out the Vblock one floor tile at a time

RSA Conference 2011 was a solid week of meeting the top minds in all things security related. Simultaneously, the story of service providers implementing Vblock Trusted Multi-Tenancy was the top draw for the VCE booth. It was clear that the audience understood the value of Vblock. During the luminary presentations on Vblock Trusted Multi-Tenancy our sprawling attendees caused a standstill around the VCE booth as everyone was jockeying for position to hear the vision and implementation details from the Harris Trusted Enterprise Cloud team.


Just a week before my trip to San Francisco I also represented VCE at VMware Partner Exchange 2011. VMware PEX took me to Orlando and I enjoyed getting to hear from VCE Partners that have been taking Vblock to their customers and getting their perspective on what is coming soon.

Before my trip to Orlando, Geek Week took me to Atlanta with my vArchitect team from vSpecialist Team04. It was an amazing time to put our collective knowledge to the test. The Geek Week format really shows you just how much the EMC vSpecialist curriculum offers in terms of professional challenge coupled with the rewards of team settings.


Speaking of my vArchitect team, I’m ecstatic about the talent on the Service Provider Sales vArchitects team in the Americas and hope to profile some of the folks on the team. Almost all of us have a blog, Twitter handle, etc. so I’d like to share the link love when possible!

Growing my team for the Service Provider Sales vArchitect team in the Americas is tracking along nicely. To accomplish this I’m spending my time reviewing impressive candidates via phone calls, WebEx sessions, Cisco TelePresence, and face to face meetings as I travel far and wide.

And speaking of travel, I expect to travel to meet the top vArchitect candidates in the world. Since I’ll be needing a phone that works around the world, I’ve opted to replace my CDMA work phone with a GSM variety. Thankfully my favorite app, WebEx, is on both Android and iPhone so I should be all set.


Last but not least I’d like to make a special shout out to the team behind Plancast. Heading out to the West coast means the chance to take in the numerous events that take place on any given night. If you consider geek population density it makes sense that the sheer volume of people that show up for planned and ad hoc events is staggering. After consulting Plancast I was able to attend the Instameet SF - The first Instagram meetup and run into a host of movers, shakers, hipsters, my favorite tech writers, stealth startups, and generally neato folks. In addition, thanks again to Plancast, I was able to catch up with even more of my West coast peeps at EFF’s 21st Birthday Party. So, thank you Plancast!