Mayor vs Payor: Location-Based Services

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

Mayor vs Payor: Location-Based Services ( 2010 )

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I’m still thinking that checking in is still too much work. It’s the same if not greater friction of the earlier iterations of the “simple” Twitter update. You know, Twitter, the application used by every single mobile phone on the planet. Oh wait.

So, what is the solution to the greatest problem of modern times?

[Okay, it’s not the greatest problem of modern times unless you are a hipster that trades in social currency. But I bet there are some folks with discretionary income that might represent a market for this.

First, the good news: multitasking mobile devices are going to open up possibilities that were previously reserved for… oddly enough, decidedly non-social software solutions.

For example, the parental-only access child tracking applications are an interesting approach and could be extended to social graph. Consider Verizon’s Chaperone Family Locator as one example. Problems? Sure. Cross platform? Nope. Ubiquitous? Hardly.

Hint: Get to work startup companies.

Taking a harder edged approach, the corporate truck roll and fleet management tools already capable of real time dispatch/routing could be watered down. Problems? Cost. Cross platform? Irrelevant. Ubiquitous? More than you think.

Hint: Expect some purpose built startup companies.

[The masses might like to be able to see screen that lets them know where they can run into others and retailers might want to drive flocculation of consumers. The weighting of this will be a critical line to toe.

The current FGO friction needs to move from Neo’s following of the white rabbit to a more realistic notion of friends and family flash get together as a vibration in consumer pockets.

What might such a screen look like? A few folks are getting closer to connecting the dots.


Now imagine this being the neighborhood you are in or the commute that is achievable given a walk, public transportation, a bike ride, a car ride, calculations for traffic, weather conditions, and conflicts with your calendar… not to mention all the locations along the path you take that might be able to get your attention on the way there.

And now… courtesy of the year 2006:

Real soon now?