LV Thoughts So Far

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

LV Thoughts So Far ( 2013 )

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End of month, end of quarter, end of year… what an amazing time of the season.

It’s time for a quick reflection before I go back heads down again…

At some point this year I crossed over into the territory of relocating yet again. Looking back on the work travel patterns for 2013 it is clear that it was different than 2012, 2011, and 2010. The trend is one of acceleration year over year and having a solid business oriented airport is key for me now. I’ve found that. I’m in Las Vegas now. Hi. :-)

Why Las Vegas?

When I was researching the best airports for work travel it didn’t take long to see LAS as a great option. Reviewing travel costs for 2013 reflects that as well.

While I still favor Delta there are a ton of options to choose from here. I’m increasingly fond of Virgin America – it is such a different experience compared to say, United. Then again, the new wifi service from Southwest Airlines has my curiosity piqued. We shall see… ;-)

All Work and No Play?

My weekends and down time has allowed me to catch acts like Joe Satriani, Steve Morse, and Black Sabbath with Ozzy and Tony Iommi. I look forward to catching many many more.

It’s funny because I’m not really a drinker these days and I’m not much for gambling and reliving a Hangover-esque evening isn’t high on my agenda but there is something about this place that gets me. Having a pass to Red Rock Canyon is just awesome.

I’ve got a favorite coffee place, a favorite bagel place, tons of Foursquare recommendations to work through and I have been spending time at InNEVation soaking up the vibe as well. Good stuff.

What’s Up With the Vegas Tech Scene?

Recently, I had a chance to sit down and discuss the merits of the startup ecosystem in Las Vegas and what I think is a good way to jump in and get a feel for the scene. Having spent time in San Francisco before and finding the niche there I came up with a list (in no specific order) of what resources I feel are good ones to consider when approaching the Vegas tech scene.

Granted, this isn’t an exhaustive listing but it’s one I am striving to immerse myself in when I’m not traveling for work.

Did I mention I’m really enjoying this place? :-)