King of the Apps

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

King of the Apps ( 2011 )

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Last month saw the insanity that is Interop as well as EMC World. Both events were in Las Vegas. For me this was a week of back to back customer meetings and catching up with my peers. How many times did I hear cloud? A few. Was there beer involved? I don’t recall. Maybe?

As luck would have it, I was fortunate enough to come across two amazing cloud based startup companies, Rarewire and Snap Appointments, that deserve to break the ‘What Happens in Vegas’ vow of silence.

Rarewire and Snap Appointments

How did I come across these two startup companies? Simple. I was invited by Rackspace [1] to participate as a judge in their King of the Apps event for the second round. The first round of King of the Apps included judges such as Robert Scoble, Eric Ries, Stacey Higginbotham, Dave McClure, and Bill Boebel.

For round two the King of the Apps judges included Ted Nitka, Dan Woods, Jonathan Bryce, Andy Schroepfer, and some guy named Jay Cuthrell. We all headed to House of Blues and got to enjoy the pitches while the crowd enjoyed Tex-Mex and tasty beverages.


Okay… Here’s the tale of the tape:

Challenger: Rarewire

Rarewire attacks the barrier to entry for content oriented app creation. By focusing on content developers that don’t want to create one-off native apps for iPad the Rarewire team is targeting a much wider audience than iPad developers alone represent. Here’s the video the Rarewire team shared in their pitch:

It’s clear that Rarewire is taking the complex workflow of media intensive content creation and distilling it to a mechanism that liberates content developers – allowing then to move faster and with far less risk than traditional avenues to pad and mobile platforms.

In fact, the folks at CA Technologies use Rarewire for their Cloud Leaders iPad app. You should definitely check it out and get your cloud on!

1st Round Defending Champion: Snap Appointments

Snap Appointments is a 100% Rackspace cloud based SaaS startup. The Snap Appointments team won their spot during the Lean Startup track during SxSW this year. By fusing drop dead simple web based scheduling and just-enough-CRM, Snap Appointments caters to the tens of thousands of small businesses offering appointment oriented services: think salons, dentists, etc. Since SxSW, Snap Appointments has managed to land +450 businesses and see +5000 appointments booked through the service. Since the service is hosted entirely within the Rackspace cloud there is nothing for multi-site companies using Snap Appointments to install – just a web browser and an Internet connection.

Here’s a great video the Rackspace team put together:

Who won? What did they win? Find out now by heading over to read this writeup from the fine folks at Rackspace that made all of this possible and introduced me to these two amazing startups: Rarewire and Snap Appointments!

[1] Disclosure: The Rackspace team got me a very good room rate for my stay in Las Vegas. Thanks again folks!