It's complicated

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It's complicated ( 2010 )

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Update: It’s Still Complicated

[. I’ve been on Facebook since it opened up for non-university access or maybe a bit before… I had an alumni address for NCSU. It was fun. It was drop dead simple to use. It was also a safe haven from the clutter and spam of MySpace.

Notice the use of the word “was”?

[ Today I took the plunge and performed the delete request. Even as a long time user of Internet services I’m still unclear on what exactly this means and what Facebook may or may not wish to honor relating to my data… etc…. Big deal? For me? Not really.

For others? Perhaps so – and that’s why I’m doing this. Okay, not really but that sounded really idealistic eh?

[In reality, the value of Facebook has been rendered less about me keeping up with others I care about and more about the abstraction of fractured publishing to a “wall”. It is this “wall” that changed, altered, and provided no reverse button and became noisy.

I hate noise.

Since I hate noise, I liked FriendFeed. Then Facebook decided to suck FriendFeed into the vortex of engineering talent they amassed. Okay, it happens. Moving on…

Or so I thought.

You see, this all started last year for me. Facebook sent out a developer outreach team to TechCrunch 50 to warm up the crowd about what Facebook had on the roadmap. This is where I got such a bad vibe about Facebook that no amount of shrugging it off was possible.

During the Q&A; with Facebook, I took the mic to ask about FriendFeed email (actionable) and how Facebook emails essentially were notifications and nothing more and when that would change. I was, to put it politely, brushed off gently by the Facebook guy on stage. When another person (very insightfully) asked the same question in a reworded way the Facebook guy that dodged my question dodged the reworded question with a reworded dodge.

I see.


This experience with Facebook pretty much set the tone for how this would go down in 2010 and what I expect will be the years to follow. I had a feeling that the Facebook guy responses were indicative of a pervasive monoculture around the Facebook engineering camp and their leadership.

Fast forward to the latest changes in Facebook privacy settings… I was right.

I’m deleted now.

[to connect.

I’m just going to find a quiet place somewhere online and possibly in the real world again.