iPad Review

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

iPad Review ( 2010 )

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The Friday Fudge Five have weighed in on the collective wisdom of crowds to bring you a comprehensive and hard hitting look at perhaps the most amazing and innovative product of the 21st century… the latest creation from Apple – the iPad.

This is great. I mean, now I can watch TV while I watch TV.

This will be useful in my attempts to subjugate the sheepish masses that stare into such trappings of this modern world and its mortal coil.

The first thing I’m a gonna do is anodize that mofo’s backside with some seriously sick overlays and distress the bezel with some copper flake and gunmetal blue.

I’m looking forward to having a free hand. Finally.

I’m planning to review the comprehensive meta coverage provided by Techmeme and weigh this against prior economic comparisons at the leading gadget review sites while simultaneously trying not to SQUEEL WITH GLEE WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON ONE AT THE APPLE STORE.