I saw what you did

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

I saw what you did ( 2010 )

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For SxSW 2011 I have been invited to speak on several panels and this year I have my own solo talk proposed.  Here are the highlights:



As I was saying earlier, this SxSW is part of a progression from being an attendee to a presenter to a panelist to what is now a multiple presenter and multiple panelist event.  I’ve watched the PanelPicker expand in breadth from a categories point of view along the way.

Yet, I’m always cognizant of those that came before my sudden arrival at SxSW as a yearly pilgrimage option.  Indeed, the mix of faces has been hard to qualify as any one group or type of individual.  My appearance at SxSW is part of the larger overall expansion of the body count.   So, it might be worth examining the impact SxSW had on me each year so far.


In 2008, I captured my thoughts in the wake of what began the current 2 year trip into “what will I do next” with The Taco Thesis. Everything was shiny and new.

In 2009, my ambition to speak turned into a core conversation about Too Much Text. Everything was still shiny and new but bigger than before with regard to content.

In 2010, the panelist role became a reality. Again, everything was huge but more organized and the spaces were larger.  This was the year that shiny and new moved from the content to the attendees.

So does that mean 2011 will be a pendulum swing from attendees to content or perhaps something new happens?  Time will tell.



Here’s what I do know about the vibe for SxSW 2011 so far:

  1. There are three panels submitted regarding agriculture and technology. Let that sink in for a moment.

  2. There are 31(!!!) panels submitted regarding privacy.  Oh, hi Facebook.

  3. ”Branding / Marketing / Publicity” and “Entrepreneurism / Monetization” took over the top spot previously held by “Community / Online Community” (175, 111, and 109 submissions respectively)

  4. And once again coming in last place… “Hardware”