I am a blogger (again?)

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

I am a blogger (again?) ( 2010 )

#include <disclaimer.h>

[This week was a week of firsts.

  • My first time presenting at Ignite

  • My first “contributing blogger” articles for an industry blog

  • My first article for an industry publication (still haven’t mastered how to link to a magazine…. hmmm)

So, as someone that hit the reset button at one point… this is going to be interesting.

Why? I’ll tell you…

First, I think I finally have something to share. It isn’t that what I wrote before was anything that would shift the hearts and minds of the world. It also isn’t that what I expect to lay down here will do that either. However, I’ve learned that there is a market for just about everything. Hopefully, what I share finds one such market.

Second, the way things are going with comments these days tells me that it is more important than ever to bring it back to home turf. Sure, dabble here and there and sign up and try but bring back the good stuff to where it matters. Even with awesome services like Backtype pulling back my take elsewhere you still run the gamut of how everything is being curated – or not at all.

Third, in going back to the intent of Friday Fudge I revisit the following:


…expect one or more of these personas to emerge with varying degrees of aptitude and literary grace…



Finally, I’ll let the experts weigh in on this whole blog thing

The whole subscribe thing is really what I like since it comes to me instead of me having to come to it and that really balances out the whole thing if you pull back to look at it from a mildly cosmic point of view.

The blog will aid me as I seek to correlate web server logs for IP addresses tied to comments and one time click through in direct communication that I then match against societally objectionable content websites run by my shell companies and their respective log corpus thereby supplying me with the means to extort those in political office and/or with financial connections that would opt to forgo displacement from the elite facade of their so-called good life.


The first thing I gotta git is one of them thar road ruggedized lappytops with a wireless broadband chipset so that I can mount on back for the roadside diner stops to keep up with my investment portfolio and git commit my latest revisions for the Android app I’ve been dinking around with for the past week.


I’m a bit confused as to how many blogs I can fit on the magazines table next to the waiting chairs.


Blogging means I might start to show up on Techmeme and with any regularity I’ll be quite the ladies magnet.