Fudge Sunday

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It was late December 2016. I had toyed with the idea of starting a newsletter. After a short run, I stopped. Things had changed.

Why Now?

Things changed again.


Sign up here: http://digests.fudgesunday.com/

I don’t usually follow links on HN but this was a interesting point of view on newsletters.


There is no mention of Revue. Perhaps that curious (myopic?) omission speaks to ever growing variety of the ecosystem. Newsletters already form niche offers beyond the aging ASCII text only fare of my youth.

A Decade of Eating Crow

Around 10 years ago, my prediction was the impending death of email at SxSW.

Yes. I was that guy.

Then again, my view was ahead of the curve on a long enough timeline if humanity eventually ends. Otherwise, email is probably here for as long as the web is here.

The New Newsletter

Before there was jaycuthrell.com there was cuthrell.com and before that there was fudge.org etc… etc…

I was trying to come up with a name for the newsletter and settled on making it weekly (while avoiding the name choice).

Then I tried to clear my mind and come up with word play if I did a specific day of the week. Fudge Friday? Thursday Thoughts?

Then the magic happened… I’d call the newsletter Fudge Sunday. The domain name was available. It’s a purposeful mispelling.

After going into the rabbit hole for a self-hosted open source route I thought about using Mailtrain but opted instead to go back to my last attempted SaaS approach.


Sign up here: http://digests.fudgesunday.com/