Welcome to Friday Fudge

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

Welcome to Friday Fudge ( 2010 )

#include <disclaimer.h>


A quick review of my prior on again off again blog activity here at fudge.org and the Interwebs led me to conclude a few things.

  1. I tend to blog only when I am frustrated by the lack of editorial control or features offered elsewhere

  2. My 10 years of LiveJournal activity works out to be +6,000 actual journal entries

  3. My past 4 years or so of leaving comments on various blogs (other than mine) works out to be +1,000 comments

fudge.org has been around a long time.  I’ve removed a ton of posts and tested the savvy of Archive.org as well as Google cache. (Hint: Not so much.) I’ve double posted content from my other writing at GLG.  I’ve taken longer form comments at other blogs and turned them into posts. I’ve hosted images at Flickr, set up a Posterous, a Twitter account, Facebook account, and generally signed up for just about everything you can imagine in this nutty period of rapid iteration services on the Interwebs – and abandoned them like bad habits when they don’t pass muster or reflect my standards or meet my needs.

Like I say in the majority of my bio blurbs: I fill out web forms.

So, with all this in mind, I plan to channel all my prior energies expended elsewhere and provide a Friday update [1] called… wait for it…

Friday Fudge

Cool! What will it have?

Hmm… let’s focus on what Friday Fudge will not have:

  1. Meta commentary on meta commentary of the latest shiny object in the Interwebs

  2. Topical musings on celebrities online, offline, etc.

  3. Opinions on whatever passes as news these days

  4. Tips for losing body fat, being more productive, or must have software tools

  5. Movie reviews, TV reviews, Book reviews, Food/Drink reviews

That seems rather… limiting as blogs go. Any hint on what to expect?

Okay… expect one or more of these personas to emerge with varying degrees of aptitude and literary grace


So as you can see… this Friday Fudge thing is going to be truly epic.

[1] At least until I get bored again or something