Free Phones

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

Free Phones ( 2010 )

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[_**UPDATE: Winners Announced!!!

@TriDroid membership of 155 eager developers will receive the HTC EVO. Congrats! @BrandonSmith will receive the Motorola Droid. Congrats!**_

Last week I attended Google I/O. It was my second time. Last year the “Oprah moment” was the T-Mobile (GSM) HTC Magic G2 for all paid attendees. Shortly after the event I donated this device to a developer that was interested in Android development. It seemed only fitting since I won my ticket from a TechCrunch contest.


Now I need your help in donating both of these Android phones…

To recap, Google I/O sent me one of each of the following:

I’m donating both to a worthy cause – Android developers.

These phones will only be fully useful in the US as they are CDMA based US carrier handsets so the contest is limited to the US. Sorry international folks!

The contest will have a winner prize (HTC EVO 4G) and a runner up prize (Motorola Droid) and since this the US – one winner can take all.

Contest details:

  • Leave a comment below that outlines why you deserve to win and what you’ll develop with your Android device

  • “Share this comment” on Twitter or optionally tweet back to your comment using Twitter hash tag #fudge

If you want to combine your efforts as a team that is also acceptable and encouraged. Again, you can win both if you demonstrate why you should win both devices.

I’ll personally review each comment and announce the winner(s) as an update to this post on Tuesday June 8, 2010 and I will FedEx to you (or your team) the phone(s) after the announcement.

Note: Special considerations will be made for those developers that are already developing for the iPhone with the intention of porting to Android. A vibrant and varied developer ecosystem is a healthy ecosystem!