Fiber To The Homologous

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

Fiber To The Homologous ( 2010 )

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The Friday Fudge Five have weighed in on the collective wisdom of crowds to bring you a comprehensive and hard hitting look at the buzz around fiber to the home

I expect Google to follow the tenants of structural unbundling to provide a multi-operator model similar to the experiences highlighted around this time last year by Derek Slater of the Google Policy team on the topics of fiber tails and the history of rural telephone companies.

This will be useful in my attempts to subjugate the sheepish masses that stare into such trappings of this modern world and its mortal coil. And just think of how fast I’ll be able to pull down OTT video services!

The first thing Imma gonna do is dig it out the yard. I should get bout 200 or so 15” lengths. Them imma run it along the side frame of my hog and exit on the tail. I’ll light it up and put in diffusers that compliment the spider lights.

After years of hearing people say I need more fiber in my diet this is extremely welcome news.

I’m planning to review the comprehensive meta coverage provided by DSL Reports and weigh this against prior economic comparisons at the leading pundit summary sites while simultaneously trying not to SELL MY HOME AND WORDLY POSSESSIONS TO FIND WHERE THIS SERVICE WILL LAUNCH AND FIND AN APARTMENT THAT WILL BE ON NET.