Expiration Dates

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

Expiration Dates ( 2010 )

#include <disclaimer.h>

[. I’ve followed his writing since his days at VentureBeat and now at TechCrunch.

Lately, I’ve noticed he just is not producing as much. Then I realized that he was taking a… a…. VACATION!?!?!?!

What follows is how I personally dealt with my inability to consume the tech coverage I’ve become accustomed to over the years…

For all I knew, this was a tech writer heading on a traveling assignment. His personal blog update and his social media footprint are what tipped me off to his vacation. It’s that same blog entry that made me start thinking.

Yes, thinking is always dangerous.

[in blog posts here. In looking back on the articles to see if I thought they mattered I came away with an answer: not so much.

In the past I’ve run analysis of my LiveJournal entries, Internet comments, general social web footprint, and my own blog content. What I gathered from this analysis is a sprawling and incoherent mess. Yet, it’s my mess.


This is where having access to a blog for industry items is useful. It’s all designed to have an expiration date on it.

You can be insightful. You can be banal.

You can be right.

You can be wrong.

Mostly though, you can be digested by the machine.