Emerging Patterns

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

Emerging Patterns ( 2012 )

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Don’t look behind the curtain if you want the magic show to be magic

Since my last update there have been a number of developments on personal and professional fronts. Most of this post was done tapping away on my laptop somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. Or maybe it was the Pacific Ocean. Either way, it occurred to me that if I don’t put this down in writing I’ll wonder what I was thinking when I look back on this time.


First, I am now Uncle Jay. When I typed up this post I had not met my niece since I’ve been traveling non-stop for work. I knew almost immediately when she was born. I’ve seen her in photos. The way I found out was through the wonder of globally compatible mobile telecommunications networks supporting the SMS, MMS, and IP stacks that allowed my iPhone to allow me to be party to the event – albeit virtually. Thanks Cloud! Now that we’ve met it is safe to say that I’m looking forward to even greater duties as Uncle Jay.

Second, since my last update I’ve been hopping around the world in my new global role at VCE. This includes hops to Sydney Australia and London England with stateside visits in the middle Boston and Atlanta. My brain is holding up well considering the potential for jet lag. Partly, this is due to planning ahead so that 24-48 hours before these trips I’ve adjusted my own hours to map to the destination.

Third, while I feel healthy, I’m still concerned about my weight and realize that I have to change up my patterns and work tendencies. Seating on domestic flights is a reminder that I’m taking up far more than my required share of what this world has to offer. Knowing many folks around me in my age bracket having health issues is a wake up call as well. I need to pay myself first and get past this.


And so a pattern emerges

My travel has been draining but it is required for what VCE and VCE customers demand – excellence. It’s fair to say that all the naysayers, haters, and pundits are a bit shocked by just what VCE has accomplished in such a short time.

Being on the inside there is a certain amount of reflection I can make going back to 2010. Fast forward to the present and there are still a great many more things to refine, hone, and fashion into the precision operation this global transformation requires.

Within the industry, there are alignments taking place. You can see this when you see a strategic pairing of companies to address a perceived market demand. By definition, technology is the response to a perceived need whereas science is that which explains and predicts with periodic refinement through the vetting and promotion of paradigms.

Within this model of delivering readily consumable services, platforms, and infrastructure that most folks call cloud there is a clear pattern emerging. This pattern is increasingly regular and repeatable.


Rugs and Carpets

If you’ve ever marveled at the elegance and unique qualities of a oriental rug you know they are complex and beautiful. They are highly prized hand crafted works of art to many and they are associated with a sense of style – perhaps a style that is timeless in nature.

On the other hand, the modern technology that has brought about a wide world of carpeting means that anyone can cover the largest imaginable plate in a seemingly endless footprint. The difference here being the look is an emphasis on uniformity and consistency that can be replicated and applied in a variety of situations. Unique traffic resilience adds to the longevity of the solution but with an understanding that newer carpets can always be easily put into service as whims and budgets allow.

And still… there are carpet remnants that can cover just enough of a floor. What an amazing set of choices one has available in these modern times.


The Installers Have Arrived

There is a jingle I recall from my childhood diet of cable television: Five Eight Eight… Two. Three Hundred… Empiiiiiiiire. With all apologies to Queensryche fans, the Empire jingle is one I can hear in my mind even now as I type the word.

What I like to think about when it comes to Vblock is the realization of ubiquitous workload substrate. Just roll them in like carpet. Then arrange whatever workload on the Vblock you want. Mix and match those workloads. Shift them around like so much furniture to find your Feng Shui arrangement of applications and changing demands.