Embrace or be displaced

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

Embrace or be displaced ( 2008 )

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As all major web destinations evolve to take advantage of social networking features (Facebook Connect and Google Friend Connect) this concern will be blurry at best. CSO’s and those tasked with corporate governance in areas related to risk may well have to bury their heads in the sand as the next wave of qualified candidates enter the work force.

Additionally, it will become apparent that this is a similar concern that was echoed as corporations that shunned the web are curiously those that did not evolve as rapidly in harnessing the technology for business ends.

Think back to your first experience working inside or for a company that used draconian proxies to limit access to emerging Internet technology. Next, pull up that company and contrast it to their competition and see if the policy might have something to do with their position in the market today.

There is also an argument for claiming your company namespace in those areas relevant to business. At a minimum you should have a Plaxo group, Linkedin group, NING, Twitter, etc. that secures that should your positions or views change later on as the new worker asks where -you- are in the mix.

Above all – protect the brand.