Dell EMC Converged Platforms and Solutions
Jay Cuthrell
Jay Cuthrell
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2016 has been interesting. Next month I will wrap up my sixth year at VCE.

On September 7, 2016 things got even more interesting.

A familiar (iconic?) VCE logo was harder to find. Branding changes took place quickly.

A new logo emerged.

Dell EMC Converged Platforms and Solutions

One thing was quite clear. The team just got a whole lot bigger.

Two Weeks One Team

Two weeks ago the big news about Dell EMC was being processed, discected, prognosticated, and covered by all the major IT news outlets. Me? I picked up my new badge 24 hours later.

Dell Technologies

One week ago I found myself surrounded by the wider global team as we took time to reflect and celebrate Dell Technologies and the combined companies that are found at the intersection of technology and human progress. It was a very big very fun time.

Good Things To Come

After taking off more than a year on LinkedIn my profile is back up again. I went from zero to just over 1700 connections in a few weeks so if you were ever curious about the impact of a digital cleanse on LinkedIn, don’t worry. Most of it comes back quickly: View Jay Cuthrell's profile on LinkedIn

For example, my newly recreated graph looks like this for Top 5’s by Company:

(248) Dell EMC
(204) VCE
( 86) Cisco
( 61) VMware
( 44) Dell

Top 5’s by Location:

(237) San Francisco Bay Area
(161) Greater Boston Area
(134) Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area
(111) Dallas/Fort Worth Area
( 44) Austin, Texas Area

So, in general, LinkedIn is one way to view things but not the only way to view things. Vetting and data scrubbing on LinkedIn is still somewhere between apathy and rot. I do miss my endorement for goat herding and unicorn jockey skills. Serious business! 😂

On the other hand, if you are looking for another kind of vetting you can find me on (I have invites left):

My travel duties might pick up a bit over the next few months but I’m enjoying Austin (miss you Las Vegas) and the pursuit of the perfect taco is eternal.

Until next time… Stay tuned…