Buzzwords to Billions

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

Buzzwords to Billions ( 2012 )

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SxSW 2013 will be my sixth SxSW in a row. I’ve spoken at SxSW three times as well. This time around I’ve entered three panels for SxSW 2013 and already put down cash for my Platinum badge. Yep, I’m going to do it big time again for SxSW 2013 – Interactive, Film, and Music.

So what are the three panels about?

The first is aimed at the Interactive portion of SxSW. Considering there are over 76 panel submissions this year that reference cloud… we’ve officially arrived. The second panel is hopefully going to include the geniuses at EMC that pulled off a series of entertaining videos for various events.  The third is an overview of Vblock within the Cisco Production Media Data Center (PMDC) design.

Below I’ve put in the overviews, the questions I want to answer for my audiences, as well as direct links to the voting for these panels. If you are planning to attend SxSW and feel strongly enough to vote – just click the thumbs up on the left hand side of the SxSW PanelPicker. Thanks!


A Cloud Drinking Game: Buzzwords to Billions

]( It’s a war chest fueled party and the big wallets are paying for all the drinks.

Will you indulge?

Internet juggernauts are tapping their war chests vying for the remains of what we are all simultaneously creating and creatively destroying. Enterprise IT shops are faced with demands to move at consumer web speed. We all just want this stuff to work. Let’s examine how the consumer web startup of today can find themselves in strange exciting new markets behind the corporate firewall.

  1. Who are the top Internet juggernaut M&A teams?

  2. What characteristics make startup products permissible for Enterprise IT buyers?

  3. Where does the startup product need to live to be viable?

  4. When does the Enterprise IT shop of tomorrow go shopping?

  5. Why does more Yammer + Microsoft type M&A activity make sense?


Cloud Freaky: Corporate Creativity Culture

]( What could be more dry a topic to cover than knowing your product appeals to folks that rarely see sunlight. That’s right. The exciting world of infrastructure! But that’s okay. You can get past the awkward moments and let your freak flag fly. Here’s an examination of how niche infrastructure oriented companies are breaking the mold and getting their message across – and tickle funny bones.

  1. Who do I need to get buy in to be successful?

  2. What is fair use and likely to not end your career?

  3. Where do you find the talent and time for these projects?

  4. When do you know you missed the mark and when you hit the bullseye?

  5. Why is this better than the generally accepted way of doing marcom?


BACK OFF: My other media data center is a Vblock!

]( What would it be like to have everything you need fit into a single rack? In a truck? It’s here today. Let’s talk about how an entire production media data center (PMDC) can fit into what once took up the whole truck into a single rack. What about taking it all to the next level of capture, cut, circulate, to CDN.

  1. What are the primary technology changes that enable PMDC?

  2. Who realizes the benefits of PMDC today?

  3. Where will PMDC designs evolve over the next year?

  4. When will the PMDC be as standard as content tools for acquisition?

  5. How can you get more involved in the PMDC revolution?