A Quick VCE Update

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

A Quick VCE Update ( 2015 )

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I’m still blogging internally and less externally. This post is a good reminder that taking a moment to reflect is always a good thing. Let’s get to it shall we?

Blogs Away

It’s been a few months since my last post on this blog. Considering my random to periodic pace since joining VCE in 2010, I haven’t blogged much about VCE lately either. In fact, my last update on the topic of VCE was late last year.

That’s okay. It is. VCE has a blog now and there have been lots of posts on a variety of topics.

Cisco Live Redux

Personally, I’m just getting back from meetings with customers at Cisco Live where VCE, again, had a huge presence this year. As expected, it was a time to chat and shake hands with a long term partner, investor, and champion.

It was interesting to listen to chatter in the halls and between sessions. Hearing references to new emerging architectures was satisfying. It was a very curious mix of attendees this year.

What’s New at VCE

Today is just over 6 months into VCE’s Next Step as an EMC Federation company with investments from Cisco and VMware.

Travel Log

My extended travel patterns for the past year or so has been contained to the Americas with Cisco TelePresence taking me everywhere else virtually. So, I expect that to continue. Then again, I also know that being part of a growing global team means I’ll see more Cisco TelePresence rooms and perhaps a few stops across the ponds when stars align.

While I don’t anticipate having to visit a dozen or so countries again – I don’t rule it out either!

Being in Las Vegas for a little over two years (wow!!) has been great as a business traveler. I’m enjoying the exploration when I come home and the myriad of day trip options it affords me.

Besides… I’m a REAL party animal…

Blocks, Racks, and Appliances

The primary advantage of being first mover or leading through execution against a strategy is to maintain a distance from other competitors. If done well, this can be an invitation to explore adjacency or white space.

There’s an old and poorly sourced (and applied) bromide about culture eating strategy for some variant of a meal… but that quip omits the possibility that the culture is dining… while in free fall… and accelerating.

If you can’t make a conscious effort to iterate and improve it’s time to pack it in and cede position to the next contestant on the Price is Right of markets.

That’s all I will (can?) put here for now.

So, until next time…

Because… It’s all coming together…