A Good Week

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

A Good Week ( 2010 )

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It’s been a good week so far.

First, OPASTCO’s Roundtable quarterly has published my article “Keep Your Head in the Clouds”.

Second, Marketplace from American Public Radio interviewed me by phone and quoted me.

Third… well, there isn’t a third.  So, I decided to reorganize a few of my more popular posts (according to Google and Bing based on their respective webmaster tools) as well as collect some of my presentations and writing samples online.

Specifically, I’m organizing my references to cloud computing, virtualization, data centers, data mining, applications, and technology trends for service providers and the enterprise:

Service Provider Industry and Technology Events

Service Provider Industry Blog Contributions

My Blog

I’m glad that my blog is the fastest growing and my clients get a kick out of reading updates but if I added all my prior presentations I’m sure I could swamp it.  So, I’m going to try and keep the stage out of the blog.  Maybe the next conference where I speak will have a converged approach to camera, presentations, and moderated feedback.  We’re getting closer to that I think but it’s still very scattershot across the trade and conference industry.

Lately, I’ve been good about weekly updates in my Friday Fudge series.  Again, I’m trying to avoid topical of the moment “how do you feel about X” posts.

Are you more interested in vision?  Or, are you just waiting to see what I’ll type up next and be pleasantly shocked or surprised? :)