10 years of LiveJournal

Image credit: Jay Cuthrell

10 years of LiveJournal ( 2010 )

#include <disclaimer.h>

[This month I reached my 10th year as a LiveJournal user. I’ve posted 5,601 LiveJournal entries during that time. I’ve received 8,839 comments. I’ve made 11,053 comments.

Those numbers and my longevity on LiveJournal might seem impressive until you realize how I fit into the mix of LiveJournal users. This graph says it all:


[you start to realize how quickly your age bracket is being dwarfed as you get older.

I still recall my first post. The ability to go back and see what you were up to on a particular day is a favorite of mine. I remember pulling the custom minimal output into my own website as a sort of reverse chronological view into what I was up to at the time.

In the modern web world of microblog and status update windows asking “What’s happening?” the LiveJournal might seem like an archaic long form angst engine.


As odd as it might sound, I’m just glad to have been around for it. I watch with delight as the mature and time tested features developed within LiveJournal eventually spill out into other popular web destinations du jour.

[are still fond memories. Heh.

[Before there was a cute and self-deprecating Twitter Fail Whale, there were a lot of other folks content with the white background and minimal text of error messages. Good times. Good times.